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  1. Product Reviews
    I've had Vera since new in '87, she's a little dented but I love her. I've got about 435,000 miles on her 6 cylinder and am on my 3rd clutch in the 3SPD with OD. I really do not want a car payment so I am going to save about 6 months of what would be a $70,000 truck payment to do some work on...
  2. 1961-1971 Dodge Sweptline Trucks
    Just bought a 66 D100 project with a 318 4 speed needs a floor and a bit of TLC. This is my first project and I was hoping I could get some support from the Dodge community. I'm new to working on older units but I do work in the Autobody trade specializing in paint and refinish. Wouldnt mind...
  3. 1 Day Old

    Brand new Hemi !!
1-3 of 3 Results