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  1. Dodge Ram Truck 1st Gen (88 - 93) Forum
    Was driving the other day and it just shut off, pulled over to try and start it and nothing, I don't have spark and I don't have fuel through tbi, I don't have spark to coil and the throttle adjustment thing that usually moves when you turn the key on is no longer moving. What could be causing...
  2. Dodge Ram Truck 3rd Gen (02 – 08) Forums
    I bought a 2007 DODGE RAM 1500 ST/SLT and was told the engine was replaced 2 years ago. I need help identifing the Engine Year based on the serial number so I can ensure proper repairs and parts are used in the future regardless of whose doing the repairs.
  3. Dodge Neon - Performance Talk
    I have a 1998 neon rt. Im trying to find what year of manual trans i can use for the engine from 1995-2005. I just need one to last to get me home as im stranded and have access to a scrap yard. I need it to go about 500km. All the advice i can get will help. I have a spare trans at home but no...
  4. Dodge Ram Truck 2nd Gen (94 – 01) Forums
    I have a 98 Dodge Ram 1500 2wd/4wd, regular cab. Just today about mid way through the day, I start to notice a low growl as I let go of the accelerator (coasting), also sometimes if I listen close enough I hear a click, nothing too loud. The growl starts to occur around 40mph, gets louder as I...
  5. Dodge Dakota 1st Gen (87 -96) Forum
    Hey guys, I did the unthinkable and didnt label or take good enough pictures of my engine before tearing it apart for a head gasket rebuild. It's been a long process and I'm stuck at putting some brackets back where they belong to get the air pump/ alternator/ and ac pump back in. If anyone can...
  6. 2G Dodge RAM - Drivetrain Talk
    I have a 1997 dodge ram 1500, it has a lift kit on it, and i recently cracked my hub and wheel bearing assembly in half. I replaced the bearing and hub and when i put the axle back in and the tire back on i can feel a grinding inside the axle on the front of my truck. I do not believe it is a u...
  7. 3G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    Hey guys, so I recently bought a 2002 Ram 1500 and the first thing I want to do is black the tail lights out. I have been looking at both Wade and GTS tail light covers. Is one any better than the other?? Any suggestions? Thanks!
1-7 of 7 Results