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  1. Neon manual transmission

    Dodge Neon - Performance Talk
    I have a 1998 neon rt. Im trying to find what year of manual trans i can use for the engine from 1995-2005. I just need one to last to get me home as im stranded and have access to a scrap yard. I need it to go about 500km. All the advice i can get will help. I have a spare trans at home but no...
  2. Growl while coasting/accelerating

    Dodge Ram Truck 2nd Gen (94 – 01) Forums
    I have a 98 Dodge Ram 1500 2wd/4wd, regular cab. Just today about mid way through the day, I start to notice a low growl as I let go of the accelerator (coasting), also sometimes if I listen close enough I hear a click, nothing too loud. The growl starts to occur around 40mph, gets louder as I...
  3. 87 dakota 3.9l need help putting back together

    Dodge Dakota 1st Gen (87 -96) Forum
    Hey guys, I did the unthinkable and didnt label or take good enough pictures of my engine before tearing it apart for a head gasket rebuild. It's been a long process and I'm stuck at putting some brackets back where they belong to get the air pump/ alternator/ and ac pump back in. If anyone can...
  4. Help Grinding noise from front axle

    2G Dodge RAM - Drivetrain Talk
    I have a 1997 dodge ram 1500, it has a lift kit on it, and i recently cracked my hub and wheel bearing assembly in half. I replaced the bearing and hub and when i put the axle back in and the tire back on i can feel a grinding inside the axle on the front of my truck. I do not believe it is a u...
  5. New guy post!

    3G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    Hey guys, so I recently bought a 2002 Ram 1500 and the first thing I want to do is black the tail lights out. I have been looking at both Wade and GTS tail light covers. Is one any better than the other?? Any suggestions? Thanks!