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  1. 5th Gen Caravan Talk (08-Up)
    I decided to look at newer caravans, and 2017 is basically the limit. I also was looking at 2014-2015 town and countrys but saw they have many complaints about terrible electrical harness problems etc. I know caravans are the same maker so do they suffer the same fate? However, I cant...
  2. DodgeTalk New Member Welcome
    Hello I have a 2000 dodge minivan and I bought a new cd player to replace factory radio. I have all of the color wires matched up but the black wire and orange wire doesn't have a match. What do I connect those to? And I also noticed a silver ribbon looking wire with a metal loop on the...
  3. '89 Grand Caravan LE

    '89 Grand Caravan LE

    Our first new car ever--'89 Grand Caravan LE with HD suspension, 3.0L V6, A604 trans. Drove this one for 90,000 trouble-free miles.
  4. '02 Caravan Sport (Side View)

    '02 Caravan Sport (Side View)

    Side view of our '02 Caravan Sport
  5. '02 Caravan Sport

    '02 Caravan Sport

    This is our 5th Chrysler minivan. It's a 2002 Caravan Sport model with "H" package, power sliding passenger side door, power drivers seat & 3.3L V6