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  1. DodgeTalk New Member Welcome
    Hi! I'm Rie. Chances are, my husband, Russ will never see this post, unless I show it to him, because he is afraid that "the real automotive people" will be insulted by his attempt at rebuilding a 1977 Dodge MB300 Sportsman - Mobile Traveler (MT) motorhome. As a career radio dj, he is a good...
  2. Dodge B-Series Vans 1971 - 2003
    Hi all-- new to this forum. recent bought an old 1974 dodge motorhome with the MB300 model I believe. We are out searching for some new ilder arms and can't seem to find any. Does anyone have ideas where to look? Could we use the ilder arms from a different model- would they still work? Any...
1-2 of 2 Results