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  2. 4G Dodge RAM - 4X4 Talk
    Hi Guys, I’m not very mechanical and looking for some help here. I have a 2012 Ram 1500 Laramie Quad Cab. It has 50K miles on it and it is time for new tires. I’d like to level the truck and add some 34” tires. As much as I would love to go nuts on lifting the truck, it is my daily driver and...
  3. 3G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    Hi, I recently purchased a 06 Ram 1500 Thunder Road edition. The truck sit pretty tall. How can I tell if it has been lifted? Also it has what I think is an SRT hood. Did any trucks com from the factory like that or is it an aftermarket hood? Thanks for any help!! IMG_0956.jpeg
  4. 4G Dodge RAM - 4X4 Talk
    I just had my 2013 RAM 1500 4X4 5.7L HEMI Express lifted with a Zone 6" lift, Pro Comp SS Runner struts, Fuel Boost 17" wheels and 37" Trail Grapplers. Looks awesome and feels pretty solid but I have a concern about the mounting of the passenger side lower control arm onto the front crossmember...
  5. 4th Gen Lifted

    lifted bds six in lift no body lift
  6. 4th Gen Lifted

  7. 4th Gen Lifted

    lifted bds six inch bds lift with a three inch body lift. getting two inch wheel spacers and paint on the flares tomorrow will post more and with a better camera when done
1-20 of 59 Results