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  1. 2g help/advice almost finished auto to manual swap

    2G Dodge RAM - Interior/Exterior Talk
    98 ram 1500 5.2 4x4 auto to manual Okay so I had a auto trans built about 20000 miles ago. I was cruising down the interstate early one morning on the way to work. Everything going good then out of no where u joint breaks driveshaft digs and busted my transmission in two. So I found a full 5...
  2. 09 Charger 3.5L - Steering wheel locked and car wouldn't shut off

    Dodge Charger (06-Up) - General Talk
    Having an intermittent issue with my daughter's SXT. She was pulling into a parking spot, and suddenly lost power steering. She went to kill the car, and after the turning the key to Off, the car was still running. After cycling the key a couple of times, it finally died. Once she restarted...
  3. 1984 Dodge D150 Ignition lock cylinder non-tilt replacement Howto request

    1972-1987 Dodge Ram Trucks (D, W-series)
    Ok, forgive me if I have somehow not found this. I've gotten so far as to pull the steering wheel, no problem. Guts for turn signal are hanging... I've been trying to search around this and another forum with no real luck. One forum gets 'database error' when I try to search, or using the...
  4. Why is my van so "cranky"?

    Dodge B-Series Vans 1971 - 2003
    I have a 1983 Dodge Xplorer 228 camper van. I pump the gas pedal several times before starting, turn the ignition, and sometimes it just cranks forever before finally starting. Sometimes it hardly cranks at all.. and its seemingly dependent of the mood that the van woke up in the morning. What...
  5. 07 Ram Ignition Cylinder

    3G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    Need some help! Has anyone run into a problem with the ignition barrel not budging when trying to turn the key? It is has nothing to do with the wheel being locked. This has happened occasionally in the past and I have been able to hit the key with the palm of my hand and it will turn over...
  6. Dodge Ram won't start. Idled out of control. Stalled. No power in the dash sometimes

    3G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    Okay.. where to begin.:kabong: I use my truck regularly but not much. It can go maybe 2 days without being turned on sometimes because I don't use it to go to work all the time. Some history on the truck your going to need it if you can help PLEASE. I need this truck back and working and I...
  7. Changing Ignition Lock Cylinder

    3G Dodge Dakota General Talk
    Hello! So I have been looking around for guides on how to change the ignition lock cylinder and they are all for previous generations. One of the videos I saw mentioned that you needed a long t20 torx bit for the 1998. Is that true for this model as well (2006). Also how do I replace the door...
  8. Dakota won't start and I just did an overhaul

    Dodge Dakota 1st Gen (87 -96) Forum
    I have a 95 Dodge Dakota with 85k miles. I bought it and it was running perfectly until I discovered excessive oil build up in the engine (about 6 months later) and I decided to start cleaning at the heads. It was so filthy that I ended up cleaning all the engine. The process has been long and...
  9. Random missing that I CAN NOT figure out

    2G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    1997 Ram 2500, 5.9 360 with 148k miles. Stock motor. The problem is a slight, very random, miss. The scenario is I'll be driving or idling, and the truck will miss. Just once. Almost like the truck just quits. It happens so fast and unexpected I've never noticed if the gauges fall or anything...