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  1. 4G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    I have a 2910 Dodge Ram 2500 Lariat. I've scanned my truck and have these codes: B10AC, B109E, B1058. All are codes related to what's wrong with HVAC system, blend doors, control panel and recirc doors. I can't find any videos on how to repair. Need some assistance please.
  2. 4th Gen Caravan Talk (01-07)
    Last month (October 2022), I purchased 2001 T&C Limited for an around town beater to haul the kids. I knew it had a few things that needed to be worked out, but the body, engine and transmission were solid. So after saying all that, here is the issue: I have the 3 zone automatic climate control...
  3. 4G Dodge RAM - Interior/Exterior Talk
    2012 Ram 1500 ST, I have cold air blowing out of all sides when its set to heat and the truck has reached temperature. The HVAC controls do not light up, the three buttons for recirculation, AC & defrost are not working when pressed. I am, however, able to use the knobs to turn down the fan...
  4. 4th Gen Caravan Talk (01-07)
    For a long time now we have had trouble controlling the heat on Mom's '06 Grand Caravan. Sliding the (driver/passenger split) controls from cold to hot or back or inbetween would do nothing unless we slid it back and forth several times first. Recently I also noticed that the air selector...
  5. 5th Gen Caravan Talk (08-20)
    I have a 2012 Grand Caravan and we are having and issue with the HVAC in the rear vents. (the vents on the ceiling). If we turn the AC on, the vents will blow out hot air (just as if we had the controls set to heat). All of the controls are turned to cold and the vents on the dashboard will blow...
1-5 of 5 Results