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  1. 5th Gen Caravan Talk (08-Up)
    I’m having trouble figuring out replacement rear rotors and pads for my ‘13 grand Caravan SE. There seem to be two size choices in rotors. 305mm (standard) and 328mm (heavy duty). When doing a parts search, the standards use a single piston caliper, and HD’s use a double. My problem is that I...
  2. For Sale - Truck Parts
    Purchased the adaptor from Dodge a year ago and no longer have a need to for it or the Reese 16K slide hitch. price dropped to $500.00 for everything Hitch Fifth Wheel adapter Fifth Wheel Hitch Picture Frame Mounting Bracket attaches directly to vehicle frame stanchions, for all trucks with...
  3. IMG_3827


    My 2003 traded in (right) my new 05 Power Wagon (left)
  4. 2004 Dodge Heavy Duty

    2004 Dodge Heavy Duty

    Close up pic of the Dodge Heavy Duty on the tailgate.