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  1. 2G Dodge Ram - Performance Talk
    I have a 1999 dodge ram 1500 5.9l v8, it has a rough idle to it. It idles good for about 5 min the it acts like it’s cutting power or chocking itself out. Last night I was sitting in a drive through and my rpms dropped to 500, and sometimes the oil pressure gage goes back and fourth. Idk if...
  2. Dodge Ram Truck 5th Gen (2019+) Forums
    Hey guys, I'm brand new here. I inherited a 2019 6.4L Limited Hemi truck and went to the pump for the first time today. Stupidly I put diesel (out of habit) in this gas truck. I've been reading a number of threads online on how to drain a RAM 2500 tank but most cater to diesel 6.7L. Here's...
  3. Dodge Ram Truck 1st Gen (88 - 93) Forum
    Okay, was replacing lights in instrument cluster, and when I got through, the gas gauge and oil pressure gauge both were completely dead. Dropped down to empty (on the 'E'), and the oil pressure down to zero. Is there a connector or something I could have knocked loose?? Doesnt make sense for...
  4. 3G Dodge RAM - Drivetrain Talk
    Transplanted a 4.7 from a wrecked 2000 dakota into 2002 dodge ram. My gas mileage is way below what I was getting with my original engine, and slight smell of gas sometimes when accelerating. Truck runs fine, no sputtering or lagging when accelerating... Any ideas?? thanks guys. :gr_patrio Greg
  5. 4th Gen Caravan Talk (01-07)
    Hello, My first post here, so please be (semi-) kind! We're talking about a 2006 Dodge Caravan SXT, 138K miles, 3.3 L So for the past couple of weeks I've been trying to figure out where the strong smell of gas has been coming from on the wife's van. I checked from the drivers side looking...
  6. Dodge Dakota 1st Gen (87 -96) Forum
    I have a 87 Dakota with the 3.9L V6 2 Barrel Carburetor and it starts spitting and sputtering when I hit about 40mph. The truck runs great at speeds under 40. I just bought this truck a couple weeks ago for a great price. This happened when I drove it home so I figured bad gas. Drained the...
  7. Gas Milage

    best gas milage
  8. Durango Chrome Fuel Door Cover

    My new Chrome fuel door cover.
1-8 of 8 Results