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  1. 5th Gen Caravan Talk (08-20)
    I wanted to hardwire my dash cam in my 2019 DGC, but not sure how to get the hardwire from inside the cabin to the fuse box under the hood. Any help is greatly appreciated. (Also it’s worth noting that I’m a total novice at diy related to cars, so any really technical language may need a...
  2. 4G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    I had a friend/mechanic run some tests on my truck recently (2009, 1500, 5.7L, 4X4). I was/am getting parasitic battery draw when the truck is off. He tested with his meter and diagnosed bad door modules. In this process, something happened. I now have no radio, and no headlight "status" on the...
  3. For Sale - Truck Parts
    Have a 1971 RV that i think is basically a 2 ton dodge under the skin. Need the fuse panel and a couple of inches of the wires that I can connect to.
  4. 4G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    My 2009 Ram 1500SLT Crew just quit on me. Turning the key cranks it, but it won't turn over. A mechanic buddy of mine checked the compression, timing sensors, etc. No codes are showing when scanned, but still...nada. We think it might be the TIPM. Has anyone dealt with this? Can these be...
1-4 of 4 Results