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  1. Fuel Pressure Isolator.

    This pic shows the fuel line running to the fuel isolator from the Bosch CP3 HPCR fuel pump. The line on top is filled with antifreeze and is routed inside the cab to the SRT/10 A-Pillar mount.
  2. CP3 Connection.

    A pic showing the DiPricol fuel pressure gauge line post filter coming off the Bosch CP3 HPCR fuel pump via a banjo bolt.
  3. Full Dashboard Shot.

    This is a back-seat shot showing the DiPricol Fuel Pressure Gauge in the SRT/10 A-Pillar mount and the AutoMeter Phantom Series Boost & EGT gauges in the now useful cubby hole.
  4. DiPricol Fuel Pressure Gauge in SRT/10 A-Pillar Mount.

    I\'m very impressed with the matching characteristics of the DiPricol gauges to the OEM gauges. The SRT/10 A-Pillar mount gives it a nice factory appearance as well.
1-4 of 4 Results