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  1. 1G Dodge Durango General Talk
    Hello All - 2003 Dodge Durango (4.7L). Check engine light with P0480 Code - 'Cooling Fan 1 Control Circuit Malfunction'. Pulled the fan relay from PDC and tested - works; Jumped fan relay sockets 30 and 87 - fan works; With truck OFF voltage at sockets 30 and 86 = 12.5V; 87 = 0 V; 85 =...
  2. 3rd Gen Caravan Talk (96-00)
    I have had my 1999 Grand Caravan since 2008. It has the 3.8 liter engine. In hot weather it keeps repeating the same problem, the electrical fans are not coming on. Modules (2) have been replaced 3 times. They are pretty expensive. I am thinking the problem is not with the modules but with...
1-2 of 2 Results