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  1. 3G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    Hey, So I am a little confused and need some help figuring out what the heck is going on with my truck. - 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 4x4 121,254 miles So a week ago I was unloading some stuff out of the back of my truck and it was idling and just shut off, there was no stutter or shaking anything...
  2. Dodge Ram Truck 4th Gen (09 – 19) Forums
    Anyone know how to fix a misaligned shifter. Putting it into drive puts it into manual mode, putting into neutral puta it in drive and reverse puts it in neutral etc.
  3. 4G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    Im looking for new shocks for my 2014. Ive only had it for 4 months, i bought it used, but it already has almost 40k miles. I don't think they're bad, its just i carry a lot of weight, and 99% of the time it rides fine, but if i get up there in speed, and the road is not perfect, it wobbles side...
  4. 1972-1987 Dodge Ram Trucks (D, W-series)
    I was given an '84 Dodge Ram Pickup. It says Custom 100 on the side and I can't seem to find much about it online. I've never had a truck before and it drives alright, but the belts squeal for about 10 seconds when I start it up - they seem a little loose and look a little old. I'd like to...
  5. Dodge Ram Truck 1st Gen (88 - 93) Forum
    I have a banged up 1987 dodge ram d100 with the 225 ci slant 6 engine. I want to drop that engine in the donor 1987 dodge ram 250 with the 360 ci v8. Are the AUTOMATIC transmissions different? Would i have to keep the AUTOMATIC transmission and the engine together or could I just swap engines...
  6. 3G Dodge RAM - Interior/Exterior Talk
    Hey, guys. I have some time, and money to play around with, and am looking for opinions on what else to put on my dodge. It has a BL, and leveling it is an option. What else do you guys think I should do with it?
  7. Dodge Ram Truck 1st Gen (88 - 93) Forum
    Hello I am looking for parts for this vehicle, or a lead in which I will be able to find em. I will also post pictures later. I know certain parts by heart, and will comment later on all of them. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Parts will be posted below. Parts: Fuel pump with...
  8. For Sale - Truck Parts
    I have a fold-out rear seat storage tray that fits under the rear seat on 2002-2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab models. It is an excellent way to haul stuff that you don't necessarily want to keep in the truck bed Selling for $50 + shipping (originally $150-200!). Currently located in Santa...
  9. Dodge Ram Truck 1st Gen (88 - 93) Forum
    Hello, I am in dire need of some assistance...I have taken my truck to several different mechanics and am still having the same issue. Let me give you a breakdown of what happens, and then i will let you know what parts I have replaced so far. I bought this truck from an old lady that had not...
  10. 2G Dodge Avenger - General Talk
    2014 I have a hemifever diablo tune,k&n cai,oil catch can,motormount poly bushings,fastman throtlebody and a flowmaster 10 I aslo madea dodge avenger facebook page all are welcome o have a lot of other...
  11. 2G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    Hey guys, I know there's been lots of threads on this but I'm still not 100% sure how to tell if I need to do the Hughes Plenum repair or something similar. I've attached a picture of looking down into the throttle body. Is that enough pooling of oil to assume my plenum is shot? I've never had...
  12. Brandy And Paul Bunyon

    on the way to get brandys new ford escape in the middle of bum fuck nowhere in northern MN
  13. 2010 Dodge Ram

    Lowered 2''/4'', painted bumpers, shaved antenea...
  14. Sale 8

    1996 Dodge Laramie
  15. Sale 7

    1996 Dodge Laramie
  16. Sale 5

    1996 Dodge SLT Laramie
  17. Sale 6

    1996 Dodge SLT Laramie
  18. Sale 4

    1996 Dodge SLT Laramie
  19. Sale 2

    1996 Dodge Ram SLT Laramie for sale
  20. Sale 3

    1996 Dodge Ram SLT Laramie for sale
1-20 of 117 Results