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  1. Mods-6

    June 2006, from the back.
  2. Mods-5

    June 2006, another shot from the front, dang imagine that in your rear view mirror in a small car!
  3. Mods-4

    June 2006, closeup of new wheels.
  4. Mods-3

    June 2006, looking cool don't ya think?
  5. Mods-2

    June of 2006, tinted windows, lights, new wheels, leveled the torsion bars, etc.
  6. Mods-1

    Truck in June of 2006, after some changes! Damn, it looks mean with that hood and lights!
  7. Stock-2

    Right after new purchase in November 2005, and before doing anything to it.
1-7 of 7 Results