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  1. In serious need of help

    Dodge Dart Talk (13 - Up)
    So I have been having some problems with my Dart, so many so that I am getting to the point of never wanting to own another dodge. I am just frustrated with the entire car. If these were operating correctly it would not be that bad of a car, but anyhow here is the list. Any help would be greatly...
  2. Interior and park lights not working!

    1972-1987 Dodge Ram Trucks (D, W-series)
    Hello all, i have a 87 dodge w150, and im having some issues with the interior lighting, and tail lights. When i pull the headlight switch, head lights come on, but thats it. Interior lights dont work. Cluster, ac. I put a new headlight switch, and same issue. Hows the wiring ran as far as the...
  3. Temp gauge problem

    2G Dodge Durango General Talk
    The temp gauge in my 04 Durango is not working. I do get a temp reading when I use ODBII bluetooth device connected to my phone. Is there any way of fixing this or is a new/used cluster the way to go?