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  1. Dodge Journey Talk
    While driving home, my bf's gas pedal suddenly stopped responding and he smelled gas, had to pull off the road. Once off, the car would not crank back up. Tow truck driver said the fuel line retainer clip had broken off and fuel was visibly leaking out. He said whoever worked on it last is...
  2. 1G Dodge Durango - Drivetrain Talk
    Hey everyone, new to the forums, new to dodges as well :frown, picked up a 99 5.9L SLT a 4-speed Automatic with 4x4 about 3 months ago with 169k miles from family so it wasn't a bad deal, wasn't too much wrong with it at first, now small problems have started to arise. Not looking for this to...
1-2 of 2 Results