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  1. Dodge Ram Truck 4th Gen (09 – 19) Forums
    I have a 2015 ram 1500 5.7L V8 with just under 78k. The check engine light keeps coming on. I had a diagnostics ran and it came back that it was the oil pressure sensor. I replace the sensor with A Duralast sensor I bought from AutoZone, and checked the cap, dip switch, drain plug, filter, etc...
  2. Body Repair and Detailing Talk
    I have a 1998 dodge Dakota with a standard transmission v6 4x4. The check engine light is on in the vehicle. so I go to plug my computer in to read the code and the computer turns on I tell it to check diagnostic code errors. The computer thinks for a while then come up with an error. saying...
1-2 of 2 Results