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  1. Dodge Ram Truck 1st Gen (88 - 93) Forum
    I have stripped my D150 frame of everything but the front suspension to get it cleaned and painted. Once it's painted I plan on getting the fuel system and brake lines reinstalled. I am getting rid of the TBI system and installing an Eddy 1406 and performer intake. I've been searching online but...
  2. 1972-1987 Dodge Ram Trucks (D, W-series)
    Hi, First timer here at these forums, recently purchased a 77 D100 318/Auto and been working through some tune ups. Here is a problem I can't really figure out. Symptoms: The idle is high, often well after the truck has heated up. But it is sporadic, sometimes I come to a stop and it wants to...
1-2 of 2 Results