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  1. Dodge B-Series Vans 1971 - 2003
    Hi all, super new here. My brake pedal is stiff but not sure it's the booster. I pumped the brakes when engine is off, held it, then started engine, pedal moved as it's supposed to. So, maybe that brake booster test isn't always reliable? Feels like booster is bad. Any suggestions? I can't...
  2. 2G Dodge Durango - Tire/Wheel/Susp Talk
    '08 D2 2x2 Durango - - - went up on the Blue Ridge Mountains last week and the constant braking caused the dash brake lights to come on and never went off . . . I checked the temp of the calipers every 30 minutes to stay on top of any possible overheat issues....... pads and rotors are in very...
  3. Dodge B-Series Vans 1971 - 2003
    Hi again, Just got the van back from the garage this weekend so I went for a drive to test everything. The good news is that I now have heat (new thermostat) and gaz gauge (new float in tank) plus new upper ball joints and alignment. The bad thing, as the title says, is that it is pulling to...
1-3 of 3 Results