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ball joints

  1. Front upper ball joints

    3G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    Why they don't supply only ball joints for upper control arm for 04 dodge ram 1500 4x4 and 5.7 Hemi? I don't want to replace the whole arm and then perform alignment. Just replaced the rack and pinion and alignment was done last week. Don't want to pay again. Was there a problem after replacing...
  2. Ball joint boot fail on '12 power wagon

    4G Dodge RAM - 4X4 Talk
    My 2012 PW has about 16k miles. I live in a very temperate climate (southern cal). The pics tell the story. Upper ball joint rubber boot is trashed. I noticed it last week when changing the oil. Truck goes to the dealer this week. Question: is this a weird fluke or does this happen? I am...
  3. Thumping noise when turning

    1G Dodge Durango - Tire/Wheel/Susp Talk
    I have a 99 Durango with 119k on it, 5.2 V8 and 4WD. Over the weekend I replaced my ball joints and tie rods. I know that I need to replace the hub bearing on the passenger side and I will do that soon. However I've noticed on the way to work this morning that there is a thumping noise when I...