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    I have all the nuts/bolts, seatbelts, bucket seat and motor that works and two captains rear passenger chairs with bonus bells and whistles- all in a beautiful velvety lavender~ for sale, for you!!! In perfect condition! I’m remodeling the inside to fit full time living! Make offer!!! You pay...
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    Hello i am from Tbilis Georgia. I bought this car to build a camper. But I just can't figure out this sound.It is heard only in the Parking lot and in neutral. Maybe someone knows what it is. Thanks
  3. Dodge B-Series Vans 1971 - 2003
    Hi, recently got a 1997 B2500 5.2L conversion van with 65K miles. I have driven it about 400 miles so far.... it seemed to start and run good with no issues but I'm not used to big cars and it was new to me. It was getting poor gas mileage, 10-11 highway and maybe 6 or 7 around town. I took it...