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  1. For Sale - Mobile Audio/Video and Electronics
    Bought this amp about a month ago. Made some difference in the sound. Paid almost $400 from the dealer for it. Had it in the truck about two weeks. Decided to go a different route and replace more than just the amp. Asking $250 Not always online so email may be quickest. [email protected]
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  7. Oh Sexy

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  9. Subs On Deck

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  11. Jl Audio Amps

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  13. Hiphonics Brutus Amp 1600 Watts

    HiPhonics Brutus Amp 1600 Watts in Durango
  14. My Truck

    My amp I installed on my 2005 Dodge Ram
  15. dodgeramrcsystem3

    Behind the seats of my regular cab 2 12" L7 Kicker Solobarics pushing 400 watts each in a box I built and had sprayed with Line-x
1-20 of 23 Results