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  1. Dodge Dakota 1st Gen (87 -96) Forum
    1994 Dakota 5.2/auto. 220,000km. Trying to figure out what on earth is wrong with my truck. I've only owned it a few weeks but here's what it's doing. I'll start it up in the morning, it starts fine, idles okay. A few minutes later the idle is shaky and if I start to drive it, it has no power...
  2. Dodge Ram Truck 2nd Gen (94 – 01) Forums
    Guys, I've tried almost everything. After the car cranks and you let it idle it drive it, after it gets to operating temp it sputters, loses power, misses, and shuts off. Weve changed every sensor under the hood that we could find. Name it and I've changed it. Even crank shaft and o2 (this one...
  3. Dodge Dakota 1st Gen (87 -96) Forum
    Does anyone know if a 5.2L engine from a 99 Dakota 4x4 will fit into and bolt up with little issue into a 94 Dakota?
  4. 2G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    Hey, I'm new to these forums, so hello! I am considering buying a 99 1500 4x4 locally. It has 98,xxx miles, 4x4 hasn't been used very much, and it runs very well. It is a short bed, single cab all stock, and the body is in very good shape other than 2 or 3 dents here and there. Is there anything...
1-4 of 4 Results