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  1. Snorkel w/ cummins

    2G Dodge RAM - 4X4 Talk
    I am looking to install a snorkel for my 01 with the 5.9l. Has anyone done this before? I have read some had breathing issues under hard acceleration but overall was fine. I am thinking about retrofitting the Airflow kit made for the 3rd gen or pulling from and 80 series landcruiser as the body...
  2. Stalls or dies while driving

    2G Dodge RAM - Drivetrain Talk
    My truck started acting up recently. While driving it will stall or die. I have 19 psi fuel pressure, the fuel filter is new. It starts fine and idles fine, but once I'm driving it will stall out for just a second and come back or completely die. If it dies, then it won't start again for...
  3. 99 Ram Sport

    2G Dodge RAM - Drivetrain Talk
    I got a 99 ram sport 4x4 with some tranny issues. she'll shift fine from 1 to 2 but from 2 to 3 she revs high up to about 4k rpm and crash and it will do this until it shifts. any idea what it could be? been told to change the solenoid.
  4. new 2nd gen ram 1500!! Mod help.

    2G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    I have a 2001 4x4 larmine slt ram 1500. Its is in great condition and only has 110,000 miles. I want to know what you think would look good on it. mod help? Performance and looks! will post pic later
  5. 2001 quad cab sport

    2001 quad cab sport

    2001 quad cab sport completely stock on the outside