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  1. Dodge Ram Truck 3rd Gen (02 – 08) Forums
    Recently we replaced the camshaft position sensor (when we pulled the old one off it was melted) We started the truck, there was a little hesitation but it wasn’t terrible, let it run for a little while, it sounded fine, drove it into town about four miles and it died. We towed it home, couple...
  2. Dodge B-Series Vans 1971 - 2003
    When you get it up to around 50 mph, it starts vibrating real loud. I took it to an alignment shop and they said it needed a new idle arm and ball joints and struts. So far I’ve fixed the idle arm and gotten an alignment, but I was told by a different mechanic that replacing the ball joints...
  3. 5G Dodge RAM - Tire and Wheel Talk
    I recently traded my 2017 Rebel in for a 2021, 2500, Laramie Longhorn. I've seen where you can install TPMS sensors in your trailer's tires and the truck will monitor them. My truck has a lot of trailer features, but I don't see a way to enable this. If its not active, can I have the dealer add...
  4. 2G Dodge Ram Diesel Talk
    Hey guys, so i see various post on the same issue what makes mine different is after actually getting the engine started it runs fine. the starter runs great. new batteries . i wait for the light indicators to turn off... water, wait for start etc.. i press on pedal half or 1/4 way. crank the...
  5. 2G Dodge Ram Performance Talk
    Hello me and my grandfather are working on a 99 dodge ram 3/4 ton and we are so close to getting it to run. We've replaced the distributor, crank sensor, throttle sensor, it has power, fuel flow, spark, and we've set the timing. When we crank it it'll turn over and like the pre ingition but it...
  6. 3G Dodge RAM - 4X4 Talk
    Hey there, I’m replacing the following parts and was looking for your recommendations. Saving money is always nice, but she does work for a living pulling a dump trailer trailer. So I’d say good cost effective parts. If you happen to have an amazon link that would be awesome. Otherwise the...
  7. 3G Dodge RAM - Interior/Exterior Talk
    Hello Everyone! Just wondering if anyone knows where a guy can find this hood or front ground effect for a 3rd gen dodge. Thanks for reading
  8. 3G Dodge RAM - Interior/Exterior Talk
    Hi Everybody, I have a 2004 Dodge 2500 and am looking to get the hood from the following picture. Does anybody know what the name of this hood is or what the hood scoops are called? also would anybody know where a guy can buy the scoops or the hood?
  9. 4G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    Wanted to start a thread for all the Heavy Duty hemi trucks out there. Just got rid of my 2012 Ram 2500 5.7 Hemi and Bought a 2016 Ram 3500 6.4. So far its all stock except for a Zone 2 inch leveling kit.
  10. 3G Dodge Ram Performance Talk
    Flowmaster American Thunder Cat-back Exhaust System for 2003 to 2012 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks with a 5.7L Hemi V8 engine, Part #817507 Application: Fits 2003 to 2012 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks with a 5.7L Hemi V8 engine, fits all...
  11. 3G Dodge Ram Performance Talk
    I have a 2004 RAM 2500 with a blown engine. What would it take to swap out my 04 Hemi to a 2015 Hemi? I'm looking at a 2015 engine. It has the computer and wires with the engine. It came out of a 2015 RAM 1500.
  12. 3G Dodge RAM - Towing Talk
    First post here but I have been looking for the answer to this question everywhere, figured I'd ask here.... I've been hearing that the RAM 1500 front brake system (and rear) are not as heavy duty (duh) as the RAM 2500. I was wondering, how different is the 2500 front and rear brake systems...
  13. 2G Dodge RAM - Interior/Exterior Talk
    New guy here, traded to this 96 ram 1500 slt. needs core support and fender, i see the 4th gen bumper conversion but, will the whole clip(fenders, hood, core support, bumper) bolt up?
  14. Cowboy Medic's Ride

    2011 Ram 2500 Outdoorsman
  15. 2004 2500

    2004 2500
  16. 2004 2500

    2004 2500
  17. 2004 2500

    2004 2500
  18. 2004 2500

    2004 2500
1-19 of 55 Results