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2004 ram

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    I have a 2004 Hemi Ram. Later this year Zeus (my Ram) will be getting a makeover. I have an Arrington Performance (Hate them) 410 cu in (6.7ltr) Hemi that I expect to push out well over 600 horses. Currently the exhaust is Doug's Headers, stock mid-pipes, and a Gibson Extreme "dual"...
  2. Rear end of my 04 Ram

    Rear end of my 04 Ram

    The view most Titans, F150's, and Silverado's see. No Tundra races yet lol.
  3. front


    look at the new grill in the bumper
  4. side


    side view of the grond force 2/4 kit
  5. close up

    close up

    close up look at the front
  6. front view

    front view

    another look at the ground force 2/4 kit
  7. lowered ram

    lowered ram

    2/4 ground force view
  8. lowered back view

    lowered back view

    2/4 ground force back view