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1977 b100 van 70's

  1. 1977 B100 Van

    1977 B100 Van

    5/18/2007 Chrome trim & rear bumper gotta go! I'm thinkin' flares & airdam, with with a nice roll pan & SIDEPIPES!!
  2. 1977 B100 Van 3/4

    1977 B100 Van 3/4

    5/18/2007 Wheels are pretty rusty, and missing center caps. Will do for now. (Found out later that 1 is an odd width, Ansen Sprints, eventually.)
  3. 1977 B100 Van Front

    1977 B100 Van Front

    5/18/2007 1st trip home! Gonna need a lotta work... 1973 "Stainless" grille will clean up real nice. Bumper guards gotta go!