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1974 power wagon
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  1. 1972-1987 Dodge Ram Trucks (D, W-series)
    Picked up a nice clean Dodge that needs some work before being roadworthy again. The drum brakes need to be replaced so before starting that work, I wanted to look into converting to discs. I see in a lot of places that it is possible, but I don't see mention of retaining the manual locking...
  2. 1972-1987 Dodge Ram Trucks (D, W-series)
    Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone has tried putting a ‘72 D/W100 (or ‘73) on a 1974 power wagon. From searching online I can’t find much on this. Is there any reason to think that they would or wouldn’t match up? Thank you
  3. 1972-1987 Dodge Ram Trucks (D, W-series)
    Well, let the fun begin! First, a bit of introduction and 'why' I got this one: I was in the market for a new vehicle (old vehicle got totaled out in a hailstorm recently), and with the winters like they are here, and with my aspirations to take my family camping in the mountains, I had...
1-3 of 3 Results