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1500 ST
Automatic and nothing special
Bought from a friend who was flipping it from an auction purchase.
Very abused engine burning a quart of oil every 2 fill ups.
Ran Seafoam through Oil and within 2 or so days, oil pressure dropped to almost 5PSI. Dropped oil pan and couldn't believe the crud that had come lose and was then residing in the pan and had completely blocked the Oil Pump Intake Screen. After cleaning all that out, the engine stopped burning oil and hasn't ever since; about 55,000 miles later.
Completely removed and rebuilt front A-Arms as all bushings and knuckles were shot and made more groaning sound than the garage door.
Rebuilt rear-end after inner Pinion bearing broke taking with it the spider gears.
Changed spark plugs yesterday, and it appears the rear two cylinders looked worse (a bear to get out) than the others which may be due to my having ignored them for 5 years.
2001 Dodge 1500 ST (Silver)


318 which will be rebuilt when time and money afford.
Carpet in place over shattered (typical for these trucks) dash.
Headliner looks like something made by a tentmaker as much as it's drooping.
Radio volume stopped working so until I have time, I control volume with the FADE bar.
A few new dents.
Watching my wife drive.
Wheel and Tire
Like driving a see-saw, depending on which rotational position the front tires are in.
A day after new rubber on the Front, I used my more fuel efficient '97 escort to drive from SW Florida to NE Florida.
My wife was going to use the truck in my absence, which was fine, but I reminded her to take it carefully as it doesn't stop like her Eclipse.
When I got back a wee later, I used the truck and noticed bouncing/bumping in the front end. I asked my wife how far she had skid before she came to a stop. Indeed, she was traveling way too fast giving too little room for the vehicle in front, and when the car ahead stopped, on went the brakes. This truck only has ABS for the Rear, and while there was doubtless 20,000 miles worth of rubber scrubbed on one spot, off the NEW front tires she said the truck never tried to come up sideways,


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