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Road Runner Superbird
Lime Green
My parents bought this thing New in 1970. He had seen these on the top rear position of car haulers going down the interstate. He had to have one. He found one in the showroom at one of the local dealerships and inquired on the price. 440 4bbl, auto on the tree, bench seat and 8 3/4 3.55 rear end. He asked if they would take $100.00 less and they laughed at him. He went to the other local dealer and they had already sold the one they had so they made a call to the "pool". Dad had a choice of 4 Birds all 4 speed. 2 white, one yellow and a green one. He asked about the green one. The sales asked someone on the other end of the phone and came back saying it has 3 carbs. He said no problem his first car had a 348 with 3 carbs. He chose the one you see here for $100.00 less than the other one and got 440 Six Pack, 4 speed, pistol grip shifter, buckets, console, 3.54 Dana. (somewhere around $3200.00)
After joining the national wing car club in '77 or '78 every club national meet was the family vacation. From Michigan to Alabama to Charlotte to Los Angeles California. Mom Dad and 3 Boys.
It has @ 162,000 Miles on it. The original motor was pulled with 93,000 on it with the original clutch because of a little blow by coming out of the valve cover cap. He had to prove to a bunch of mopar guys visiting from Louisville didn't believe he Got One It with the original clutch so he proved the wrong! The issue showed up a week later.
Otherwise 90% original paint, trans, rear end and most of the front end.
1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird (Lime Green)


Electric Ignition.
AM radio and a CB!
162,000 mile original suspension except ball joints!
Wheel and Tire
Original 15" Rally's with T/A Radials.



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I know this is an older post but that is an absolute great story and so hard to believe it has that many miles on it. I'm so glad you still have it, that is my absolute #1 dream car. I've owned NOTHING but Mopar in my 47 years of driving but never been lucky enough to have a '70 Superbird and lime green at that! You are a very lucky family!