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D 200
Medium blue
Hi everybody ! I bought a house on the country side in western Norway. I will be there just in summer time a couple of month and I was looking around for a truck I could use to shop stuff for fixing up the place.
After some time of surch I found this one owner, local norwegian bought 79-Fargo D-200 in absolute mint condition - with only 29.000 kilometers or something like 18.000 original miles !! It is a Custom D-200 with moldings along the side, automatic and the famous slant six. The car is completely original and untouched since new, always kept inside. I was very happy when finally signing the sales contract and be the first with the cash at the sellers place. The truck - even after sitting in storage for 7 month since last use - brought us right home the 500 miles to our estate.
I just love cars with simple mechanics and no computers. A car I can service myself over the years to come and when I finally sell this one, I am sure I will have my investment back.
1979 Dodge D 200 (Medium blue)


Original interior, door sills are a bit faded, but I ordered new ones to make it look perfect.
All original - never repainted, no scratches or imperfections!
What a find !!!
Wheel and Tire
I received the car with 8 original wheels and tires ( summer/winter) but as the truck needed to drive some 500 miles from the seller to our home, I bought new stylish rims and tires that fit the looks of a -79 Dodge truck.



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