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Ram 1500
Rumblebee package
Bought it new Dec., 2005. Added the shacker hood the next spring, and was never dettered from doing something in the way of mods from that time until I traded it off for the vette. I drag raced it for 6 years, each summer adding power then testing my changes at Petersburg Va. Raceway. Started at 14.9 and the last fall I raced was 12.2 but we broke the slicks loose all three runs. Disappointed as I knew I had the power for 11.999 at least. Traded it for the Vette a month later. The vette is also modded with a mild cam and NX with 100 HP pill
2005 Dodge Ram 1500 (Black/yellow)


Heads/cam/NX with 150 HP pils installed all the time. All fluid lines were aero stnls. stl. braided hoses. Not fake, the real thing. The people at the Chrysler trng center in Milwaukee saw that and said it was one of the nicest mods they have seen for an engine looks. Had CAI as part of the shaker system, which was functional. Took out the plastic containers for windshield wash and overflow for the radiator and put Stnl. stl. tanks in the front of the radiator.
Lot of the small controls were changed over to yellow covers. I had a wooden steering wheel with that part a high gloss yellow finish. Added katzskins leather for seats and center console. Headrests were stitched with the production number and Beecuz. Had a row of yellow switches that were controlling the NX and under vehicle lights and the purge system. Added a factory Nav. system to go with the top sound system from the factory. The truck was ordered from the factory.
Shaker hood, Took off the bee graphics and added the 'C' graphics from the muscle car era for the muscle Chrysler cars. Custom black chrome grill, covered headlights and all covers were painted black and used only for shows or day time driving. Showed the bee so had the paint so clean that it looked wet and folks would say you don't drive it for it looks new all the time. Shaker hood was flat black and had one for show that was black chrome which I still have. Had a hand made roll pan with embossed exhaust tips. Truck was completely debadged. Had after market tail lights and third brake light. Still have the stock lights if someone needs them.
Pretty much left it stock for it was ordered with the Infinity speakers and high quality system components and had plenty of base and sound for me.
Put in larger than stock sway bars front and rear. Had the bee lowered 4 inches in front 5 inches in the rear. Changed the brakes over to a bigger brake for better stopping at the end of the strip. No problem after that.
Wheel and Tire
Wheels were American racing Magnets. The bee came stock with 20's and I stayed with them. Had to use 17" rims for drag racing as Mickey tompson did not make a slick bigger than 17 inch at that time. Still have them with extened length chrome lug nuts all like new except that the rims had screws added front and back to stop the tire from spinning on the rim.



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