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  1. B/E body swapped 2013 R/T Challenger

    Concept/Modified Vehicle Talk
    That's going to be a big undertaking. I'll be curious to see how much body fab it will take to get the body to sit right. Keep up the posts, it will be interesting.
  2. Ecm/pcm question

    3G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    What's the issue? No start condition? I had a pcm go bad, power to everything except it wouldn't provide ground for the fuel pump. I'm not sure if you could test resistance or anything like that on a pcm. Maybe someone else will have a suggestion on test methods
  3. ECU/PCM repair/purchase options?

    2G Dodge Dakota General Talk
    You could check out B and G performance. I know they work with chrysler pcm modifications, I'm not sure if they repair or not however. It would be worth checking into
  4. Truck runs better when overheated

    2G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    I saw you have another thread open with more detail about your motor work. If you havent got a tune yet, you should try that, and setting fuel sync if it hasnt been done.
  5. Truck runs better when overheated

    2G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    Did you tune after your cam install and set fuel sync?
  6. 1947 power wagon crawler build

    Vehicle Build Threads
    That is an awesome build. I love the old body trucks. Nice fab work, I'l be excited to see how it looks when finished
  7. Stalled while driving will not restart

    2G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    Crank sensor is a good place to start. I ran into a pcm issue. I still had voltage to the crank sensor, but it wasn't providing ground to my fuel pump.
  8. la swap

    2G Dodge Ram Performance Talk
    I'm sure there are some guys with 46re knowledge. I'm thinking the other possible input would be the map sensor. Monitoring pressure and engine load. Of course there's the tv cable. maybe someone else will chime in. But let us know how it goes
  9. la swap

    2G Dodge Ram Performance Talk
    How are you planning to bypass the injectors and map sensor? I know there is dummy sensors for the 02 sensors. But I'm wondering how your going to get the right info to the pcm
  10. la swap

    2G Dodge Ram Performance Talk
    Gotcha. I would want to keep it as well then. Unfortunately I am not sure how you can work around that. I would think that is getting into pcm building territory. If it's even possible to do, get rid of the fuel injection. I am unsure of what the pcm reads for the electric control of the 46re...
  11. la swap

    2G Dodge Ram Performance Talk
    Once I realised your using a carbed la... since you will have a mech fuel pump and you won't have to worry about fuel injection, I don't see much reason to keep the pcm.
  12. la swap

    2G Dodge Ram Performance Talk
    I think trying to keep the pcm and get everything communicating properly, without a crankshaft position sensor will be challenging. Without that signal the pcm won't provide ground for the fuel pump. Someone correct me if there's a way around this. I agree with spun360, going with a rh would be...
  13. la swap

    2G Dodge Ram Performance Talk
    If your going to keep fuel injection then you will need a sensor that reads crankshaft position. I know they make one, I believe it mounts on the bell housing and reads the flexplate. I'm assuming it's an auto and your wanting to keep the stock ecm.
  14. my M1 from spun360

    2G Dodge Ram Performance Talk
    I haven't ran across that mopar magazine build. It would be very good read, although this post has generated some great info from you guys. It would be great if there was a way to get temp readings across all cylinders to compare. Great write up and pics to boot.
  15. Wiring confusion

    2G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    I actually just read an earlier post with the same abs light and speedometer not working. They had mentioned the differential speed sensor and the sensor on the side of the trans. There are also some ground wires throughout the truck that connect to the frame and such.
  16. Wiring confusion

    2G Dodge RAM - General Talk
    Thats a tough one. As far as the wire goes I am not sure, but the abs light, speedo not working leads me to think a possible speed sensor issue. I believe these trucks are the rwal system, as in rear wheel anti lock. If I remember right there should be a sensor in the differential. I would check...
  17. my M1 from spun360

    2G Dodge Ram Performance Talk
    Very nice work. I viewed this earlier but couldnt get to much off the phone. Your work looks great, Im interested to hear how you like it, I had never put much thought into the flow restrictions between the heads until Key mentioned it. But awesome work.
  18. 2nd gen ram parts

    Wanted - Dodge Truck Parts
    I looking for a driver side fender in particular. But also might go for an intake or intake manifold. Maybe exhaust manifolds also. Pm me, I'm located in North Carolina near TN and GA lines
  19. 1985 D150 slant 6 redo

    Vehicle Build Threads
    Good looking project! I am about to start on my own /6 rebuild. Nice pictures, I look forward to hearing how your rebuild goes!
  20. Newbie 5.9 build.

    2G Dodge Ram Performance Talk
    I agree. Double roller is a must, and why chance a problem with stock internals. Go forged and have the piece of mind.
1-20 of 30 Results