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  • luke4010 ·

    I have a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 V8 with a 44RE trans. I have a new solenoid pack from Cascade Transmissions and a TransGo TFOD-JR shift kit I would like to put in. I'm wondering what your recommendations would be for shift firmness. I've read through a lot of your posts about sizes and the 1-2 check ball. This Jeep is my daily driver and I'm looking for FIRM shifts. I'm not afraid of a hard shift at WOT, and I want to be able to feel it shift, but I also don't want a hard jerky shift when say, cruising down my neighborhood doing 15mph. Ya know, something that wouldn't annoy me after a few weeks of daily driving it. Do you think I should take out the 1-2 check ball? What drill bit size would you suggest for me to use on the separator plate (specifically the 1-2 and 2-3 holes)?
    Thanks a bunch,
    hookbone ·
    Im having some issues with my a518.Was rebuilt at 130,000,now has 212,000 and a 408 in truck.
    When crank up,have to put in neutral for few seconds before putting in gear,fluids are full.
    Main problem is when it tries to shift into O/D, it bucks and jerks,have to run it out of O/D.
    All this seemed to start after changing battery.Almost impossible to drive.Any thoughts on this?
    Rad1977 ·
    Hey I have a problem with my transmission and looks like you are the guy that is very knowledgeable about these transmissions
    ubear7 ·
    tactransman, I have a 1998 Ram 3500 4x4 24v CTD with auto transmission. When I turn on the truck and put it in drive or reverse sometimes it does not shift into either one. The engine revs then drop in and lurches in the direction of the gear. This happens from a stop. Once it starts to warm up it gets better and I have not noticed it once normal operating temp is reached. I have around 76,000 miles and is not a daily driver. Thanks for any help you could provide.
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