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  • rammedup ·
    It does not look like I can post a thread, but I do want you to know that I have a like new stock Radio w/Cassette player for a 1998 Dodge Ram. When I bought the truck in 99 I immediately pulled the stock system and boxed it up. I happened upon it a few days ago and thought there may be some one interested.

    I also bought a 2010 Dodge Ram (Laramie) special ordered and was given the Brand New never been turned on Radio that came with it. I boxed it up as well. It still has the cellophane on it. So if any are interested, they can email me at [email protected]

    If it is inappropriate on the forum to post this kind of stuff can you tell me where to post? I have photos.

    key99 ·
    I received a spam?? private message from "gakeanh" yesterday at 7:29 PM, hopefully someone can get rid him and all the gobbleygook, TIA. ... After viewing that message, I was unable to pull it up again, but when I sent this PM to you it showed up on this page; I have no clue what's happening (myself, severely lack puter skills and could be hacked easily on my old Dell and old unsupported Windows). ... Sorry for the inconvience.

    PS Dually; always appreciated your knowledge/insight/posts about all things Dodge (in fact, lol, saw your name browsing yesterday in a thread where I got a bit of schooling :surprise about 5th wheel slider (and air??) hitches regarding cab clearance with QC/SB (now this hillbilly knows the problem exists and some possible cures :smile).
    gakeanh ·
    Nam Học chứng chỉ kế toán ở đâu tốt
    Quốc Lớp đào tạo kế toán tổng hợp tại Ninh Bình
    Sơn Học kế toán ở đâu tốt nhất
    Hà Lớp đào tạo kế toán tổng hợp tại Bình Dương
    Nam đào tạo kế toán tại Hà Nam
    Đế đào tạo kế toán tại Hải Dương
    Cư đào tạo kế toán tại Hưng Yên
    joseph3336 ·
    Say I have a 2012 Dodge Ram Laramie Longhorn 4X4 with 275/60R20 tires. I have always had chains for my vehicle. In addition, Oregon laws state that you need carry traction devices when going over mountains in Winter.

    I looked at my manual and it states that you can not put chains on because it might cause structural damage. I am getting mixed reviews. Some tire shops say you can run the type s low profile chains and some say you can't because of the tire size.

    Have you ran across this and have any suggestions.

    I suppose I could purchase 17 inch tires and then the manual say you should only run tire chains on the back. Any help would be appreciated
    chet cole ·
    Re post to my first post can I still drive the truck without damaging the transmission, is this one of those dumb question?
    chet cole ·
    I'm new to this forum, so please bear with me if I am in the wrong place, or ask a stupid question.
    Here goes have a 2001 ram 1500 with overdrive, check engine light came on, and the truck will not shift into overdrive.
    Shift through the gears manually and it goes into 1st OK but does not shift to second, but I can then shift it to drive OK, but it will not shift into overdrive, been told it could be transmission fuse to shift solenoid A. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    LiftedQuad ·

    I would like to post a custom center council for sale that I had built for my 05 ram 1500. I now have a newer gen ram. Can you tell me what I need to do to be able to post in the classifieds? I would rather not post it in the regular forums, as that is usually against forum rules (I don't recall on this forum, but I'm on so many it just seems obvious).

    Thank you.
    Thelyon ·
    Hey there, I saw your replies on the forum and though you might have some info for me.
    I have a 2013 RAM 1500 5.7 HEMI
    What are the best upgrades I can go for better gas mileage and/or better horsepower?

    Also, is the only way to get posi traction to get a new rear end?
    epstien ·
    how can I find my original post please Epstien I have a 2001 ram 1500 5.9 with crank no start problem - would have been in march this year

    LuvMopars ·
    cpl of questions for ya, if ya dont mind.
    both about getting pix posted in a reply, and how I can post a pic under my name when I post ???
    BTW I apologize for using bold type but I have a visual acuity issue and Bold is easier on my eyes is all
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