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  • wagsway1966 ·
    2011 RAM 1500 SLT 4.7 won't start, I tested the alternator and starter and replaced the battery, when I disconnect the alternator it starts. I checked all the fusses and most of the wiring, any help would be great...
    gakeanh ·
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    danigermany ·
    i am german, my english is not very good. i have problems with the metal parts where the steering geer is conected to the chassis.
    it looks to my like that the chassis is to old or the metal is, what we call in germmany material tired.
    can you give me a hand who can give me a good tip for a new steeringgeer stabilizer.
    i thank you
    my car:
    dodge ram van aero
    from 1990
    PWDan ·
    Hello myoung84, I've been all over this forum and the PW registry trying to find somebody who's still doing the locker bypass for my 2010 PW. Your name seems to be attached to a lot of the posts and I noticed that people are being told to contact you. I was wondering if you're still making any of the plug and play bypass kits or if you know of anyone who is? I just got my PW like a month ago and the bypass is on the top of my mod list. I know some guys are just cutting into their wiring to do it but I really don't want to cut up any wiring and to be honest I hate working on electrical stuff. I'll build an engine and paint cars all day but electrical stuff just frustrates the hell out of me. Well, in any case I hope you're still making some. My name is Dan and you can reach me at [email protected], by phone at 973-600-9746 or I guess just a PM on here will work. Thank you far any help, Dan S.
    eddy.spigott ·
    Hey man!

    Did you sell your wagon? That thing was mint bro, but they are definite pigs on fuel.

    Quick question for ya. Which light bar did you have installed on your wagon (that black bar with the light bar mounted on top)? I thought it was a westin but wasn't sure.

    Thanks buddy, new whip looks sick as well.

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