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  • xyberz ·

    You asked me to contact you via DM in regards to the issue with our 2014 Dodge Journey SXT? Hopefully you can help guide me to the possible issue the vehicle is having, which seems like multiple issues at the moment.


    Iamwill80 ·
    For the last 3 days my 2010 5.7 4x4 Ram was throwing the P0750 LR code then would enter limp mode. Today I installed a new (From Dodge) LR Shift Solenoid Pack part number 52119435AF. Changed both Trans filters and put new +4 ATF in.

    When I turned the truck on it was in shift Lock. I over road the shift lock because the truck is on incline stands and I needed to back it down and check the ATF levels. When I overroad the Shift lock the truck locked into 2nd gear. Doesnt matter what postion the shifter is in the truck stays in 2nd. P,R,N D all 2nd gear.

    I tried disconnecting the battery but its is still stuck... Any help would be great.
    gakeanh ·
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    gakeanh ·
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    4x4dodger ·
    I wrote you about my problem with my rear suspension and the noise it was making. You replied telling me that it may be connected to the A Pillar body mounts and included a service notification.

    What my question is: I will be leaving the Baja in March and need a GOOD dealer that really knows TRUCKS to diagnose and repair this problem. I have found I got the best results from dealers who have truck specialists in their maint. dept.

    Can you advise me of any dealers in the SoCal or Las Vegas area that specialize in Ram trucks. I'd like to stay with a smaller dealer if possible to keep time my truck is out of commission as short as possible.

    Alan Perry
    slowdog ·
    Dear Friend,

    At the suggestion of a Poster I am sending this message.

    Do you have any idea how I find out if my 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab with cloth 40/20/40 front seats (driver side with power controls) has Occupancy Classification System (OCS)? I need to order a driver seat cushion and all of the parts retailers specify that I must order a cushion that is either for a truck with OCS or not.

    I have emailed five online retailers, given them my VIN (at their suggestion) and three answered that I need the cushion for OCS and two that I needed the cushion without OCS....??? So I need to verify whether or not I have OCS.

    My build sheet shows that I do have "Advanced Multistage Air Bags" which strongly suggest to me that I must have OCS, but I still have no proof.

    Any help will certainly be appreciated and I will include any helpful advice in my Thread for other guys.
    Thanks!! Slowdog aka David
    hemibadger ·
    Hi, in response to your reply about my gearbox issues ("Alternative to dealer diagnostic equipment" and the lack of dealer specialist tools in Scotland, UK), here is the info you requested.

    Dodge Ram 2500 Hemi, VIN 3D7KU28D94G115557

    Contact info, email is best, [email protected]

    Many thanks,
    Barry Hanna ·
    There seems to be a number of concerns about low battery voltage which causes malfunctions in a number of vehicle functions. Evidently, dealers are having difficulty diagnosing voltage drain. Do you have a TSB or Star Case reference that might assist your dealers and customers?

    As a former colleague of the company, i am aware of several protocols which could be referenced in order to aid in resolution. I also realize than CAN issues may be difficult for the average dealer technician.

    Thank you
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