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  • jcongdon1 ·
    Hey there! When you put your fox box in your crew cab what did you do about the back seat supports? The 3rd gen had the piece that bolted to the back wall that you could flip but the 4th gen has it permanently fastened.

    One of your posts said you raised the seats 2" for the sub box. I have the same box from my 06 ram that I am trying to put into my 2012 crew and am trying to see if it is possible to do without cutting out the carpet. Any answers you can provide would be appreciated.


    gakeanh ·
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    Youran van Ark ·
    Hey man. How are you?
    Saw your headlight mods on this forum on the red truck.

    Really liked it !
    Do you remember where to get the LED rings or what size they were?

    Thanks in advance!
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