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Sic Subs!!!

Sic Subs!!!

PG-XS Series... Notorious for being underated.

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Re: Sic Subs!!!

Beautiful subs and caravan, Im about to put a pair of the 12" 1,000 Watt German subs in my caravan. Here is my question to you please? I put them in a sub box and bolted the amp on the top of it, do you think it would work if instead of setting the box in the rear of my van if I would bolt on the rear of the box 2 steel bar that could be bent to fold over the second seat back and hang on the back of that seat? Reason I cant put them in the rear floor area I haul a Rascal scooter there because of my disability. Thank you very much and keep up the great work.
Calvin CWRDodge

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