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Originally Posted by jska142 View Post
just bought a 2017 1500 Ram Laramie the sticker showed that it had remote start but when I looked at the 2 keys that I was given it just has the lock and unlock symbol and the "panic button". The salesman said "No you don't have a remote starter"....oh well I have that push to start button on the dash. That was 3 weeks ago since I bought it.

Today I got out and left the keys in daughter walked back and got the keys out and she hit the lock button twice by accident. The truck started up...I was dumbfounded. I went back opened it up and turned it off. I then hit the lock button twice and in a few seconds it started..,.there is no button with that half circle saying 2x..... just the lock and unlock.

Did the dealer just make two fobs and give me 2 that don't have the remote start button

or is that how they are supposed to start...Either way I guess I now have "remote start" but Im still curious as to why it doesn't have the remote start button on the fob.....
I have a 2017 Ram Sport and my FOB has the remote start. Hey, you have remote...enjoy the feature

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