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'08 Avenger Parasitic Drain

Hey all,

My girlfriend has a 2008 Avenger with the 2.4L motor that has a parasitic draw on the battery.

It has a draw of 1.89 Amps when I tested it with my multimeter. I've narrowed it down to fuses 8 (Sense 2, whatever that is), 14 (Cabin Compartment Node/Interior Lighting), and 20 (Radio).

When I remove those three fuses, I still end up with a draw of around .176 amps, which is still enough to drain the battery rather quickly.

I couldn't get the draw to drop any lower, even after removing all of the fuses in the Fuse box. Is there an interior fuse box I'm missing? I know the radio is fused as well, but the radio works just fine. I checked the online owners manual (the hard copy is missing) and it only shows there being the one fuse box in the engine compartment.

I disconnected the alternator as well because I know that a failed diode can cause a draw as well (had this on an older Mercedes of mine), but the alternator is fine and keeps the battery charging at 14.3V. I should also mention I bought a new battery today, so it's not a cell issue; there is a confirmed draw and I'd like to get it solved.

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