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What type of welder

My right front leafspring is still just resting in a rusted out pocket in the top of the frame. I bought a front leaf spring hangers 1/4" steel. If I grind down the old rusted bracket and clean the frame will I have enough steel to weld it to. I asked a friend who welds and he said it would cost $800 to repair it and I wouldn't like it! So it plan on
Buying a cheap grinder and grinding down the old bracket flat with the frame. Then welding my feaf spring hander to the frame. I live in a apartment bldg. So 110ac off a long extension cord will have to run the welder to
weld the 1/4"steel bracket to the 1/8" steel box frame. What welder should it rent? Tig or mig? Or should I rent a gas engine powered welder. I know power is an issue. After welding the bracket I will use a come-along to pull the leafspring forward into the hanger bracket and slide the bolt in then prime and paint the whole job. What do you think? I also plan on getting some 1/8"steel plate to fill the holes of rust in the frame rail. I know I have to do something. Has anyone got a better idea? I know the rear hanger will break one day and the rear end will pass me on the highway! Not a position I wish to get in. Has anyone got a easier idea? Help gentlemen!!!!!!!!
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