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Lightbulb Read YOUR Fender Tag:

Fender Tag Decoding

1969-1982 only

This can be used to decode the broadcast sheet or the tag that is located on top of the drivers side inner-fender.

A - Package Codes

A01 Light Package (69-71)
A02 Drivers Aid (Air?) Group (69-71)

A03 Deluxe Light Package (71)
A04 Basic Group (69-71)
A05 Protection Group (69-71)

A06 Sport Group (69), Air Conditioning group (70)
A07 Turnpike Package (69-70), Dart Sport Automatic Transmission Package (72-76), Satelite Super Saver Package (72), Charger Value Package (72), Fury Top Hat Package (72), Turnpike Package.
A08 - ?

A09 Concealed Headlamps (Charger) (71)
A10 - ?

A11 Charger 500 (Before 1/69), Daytona Package (After 4/69)
A12 440 Six Pack (440 Six Barrel) Package (69)
A13 440 conversion Package (69), Superbird Package (70)
A14 Plymouth Spring Special "A" without Vinyl Roof (69), Dart Spring Special (70)
A15 Plymouth Spring Special "B" (without???) Vinyl Roof (69)
A16 Plymouth (Fury III) Spring Special "A" (69)
A17 Fury III Spring Special "B" with Convertable (69), A-Body Trim Group Delete (without vinyl roof) (71-76)
A18 Senior Citizens Special (70)

A19 - ?

A20 Dodge Fever Special Package (69)

A21 Service Loaner Package Australia, E-Body Elastomeric Color Front Bumper Group (70-71), Deluxe A-Body (Decor Package "A") Trim Group (70-71), F-Body Road Runner-R/T Decor Package
A22 Charger Australia, Duster Sport Trim Group (70), A-Body (Decor Package "B") Custom Side Trim Group (70-71), E-Body Elastomeric Color Bumper Package Front and Rear (70-71)
A23 Charger Sportsman Ausatralia, A-Body (Decor Package "C") Custom Sport Trim Group (70-71)
A24 Trunk Carpet with Spare Tire Cover (Dressup Group), Noise Reduction Package ???
A25 Interior Convenience Group
A26 - ?

A27 Taxi Insturment Panel Australia
A28 Taxi Package Australia, Califormia Noise Reduction Package (71)
A29-30 ?

A31 3.91:1 HP Axle Package (69-71)
A32 4.10:1 Dana 60 Super Performance Axle Package (69-70)
A33 3.54:1 Dana 60 Track Package (69-71)
A34 4.10:1 Dana 60 Super Track Package (69-71), Light Trailer Towing Package
A35 H.D. Trailer Towing Package (69-71)
A36 3.55:1 HP Performance Axle Package (6971), Heavy Duty Package
A37 Taxi Package (70-71)
A38 Police Package (70-71)
A39 Dodge Spring Special "A" (69)
A40 Dodge Spring Special "B" (69)
A41 White Hat Special with Vinyl Roof (Charger) (69)

A42 Dart Spring Special Package "A" (69)
A43 Dart Spring Special Package "B" (69), F-Body Kit Car Package
A44 Dodge Rear Window Louver Package (70-71)
A45 Spoiler Package Front and Rear (70-71)
A46 Exterior Trim and Moulding Group (69-71)
A47 (Charger) Special Edition Package (69-70)
A48 Front Bumper Guards Dress up Package
A49 - 50 ?

A51 Sinatra Package on Imperial, Barracuda Sport Package, Duster Twister Special Package (71)
A52 Sport Fury GT Package
A53 F-Body Two-Tone Paint, E-Body Trans-Am Package (70), Barracuda Formula S Package (69)
A54 Sport Package Australia, Colored Bumper Package (70-71)
A55 (Dart) Custom Trim Package (70-71), Roadability Package
A56 Cuda 340 (69)
A57 F-Body Road Runner or R/T Package, Monaco 500 Package, Cuda 383 Package (69), Challenger and Charger Rallye Package (72-74)

A58 Sport Grain Group (69)
A59 Demon Sizzler Package, F-Body Decour Package (Kit Car)
A60 4-Speed Special Package (71)

A61 Swinger Special Package (71), Automatic Transmission Special Package (71)
A62 Rallye Insturment Cluster (69-71), A-Body Decour Package (75)
A63 Challenger SE Molding Group "A" (70), Dart Hang 10 Package (73-76), F-Body Custom Package
A64 Gold Duster Package (72), F-Body Premier Package
A65 Dart GT Package (70-71), F-Body Custom Interior Package
A66 F-Body Super Pack Package, Challenger 340 Performance Package (70)
A67 F-Body Super Coupe, Plymouth Backlight Louver Package (70-71)
A68 Custom Package
A69 Cordoba "S" Package
A70-72 ?

A73 (Charger) Special Value Package (70)
A74 Protection Package Autralia
A75 Monaco 500 Ornamentation Package
A76 - ?

A77 Town And Country Package Australia, Chrager Spring Special Package
A78 Western Sport Special (69), Formula S Package, Formal Roof Package (71)
A79-82 ?

A83 New York Taxi Package (70-71)
A84 -?

A85 Charger Topper Package (Frontend Ornamentation Group) (69)
A86 F-Body Custom Interior Package, Interior Decor Group (69), Barracuda Decor Group
A87 Road Runner Decor Package (69-71)
A88 Duster 340 Interior Decor Group, Interior Decor Group (70-71)
A89 (Valiant) 200 Decor Package (69)
A91 Western Sport Special Package (70)
A92 Convenience Lighting Package Australia
A93 B and E Body Coupe Package (70-71)
A94 Gold Duster Special Package (70-71), Reminder Light Package (71)
A95-96 ?

A97 Convenience Package Australia

A98 - ?

A99 Special Coupe Package (71)

B - Brake Codes

B01 - ?

B02 9x2.5 Front Drums (72)
B03-04 ?

B05 10x2.5 Front Drums (72)
B07-10 ?

B11 E-Body Heavy Duty Drum Brakes (11") (70-71), Standard Front Disc Brakes
B12 Heavy Duty Front Disc Brakes
B13 Taxi Front Disc Brakes
B14-21 ?

B22 9x2 Rear Drum Brakes (72)
B23-24 ?

B25 10x2.5 Rear Drum Brakes
B26 Taxi 11x2.5 Rear Drum Brakes
B27 - ?

B28 11x2.5 Rear Drum Brakes
B29-30 ?

B31 11" Heavy Duty Manual Drum Brakes (69-70)

B32-36 ?

B37 Brakes - Canada Taxi (69-71)

B38 Brakes - C.L.C. Package (69)

B39 Brakes - H. D. Metallic Linings (69)
B40 - ?

B41 Front Haevy Duty Disc Brakes with 10" Rear Drum (69-71)
B42 Front Heavy Duty Disc Brakes with 11" Rear Drum
B43 Manual Brakes
B44-50 ?

B51 Power Asst. Disc Brakes (69-71)

B52-60 ?

B61 Brakes - Standard Drum (69-70)

C - Trim Codes

C01 - ?

C02 Station Wagon Cargo Compartment Dressup Carpet (69-71)

C03 - ?

C04 Seat Belts - Delete all standard (69-71)

C05-06 ?

C07 Litter Container
C08-09 ?

C10 Retractor Seat Belts Australia
C11 - ?

C12 Shoulder Belts
C13 Front Shoulder Belts (Vert) (69-71)
C14 Rear Shoulder Belts (69-71)
C15 Deluxe Seat Belt Group (70), Special Sound Insulation Group
C16 Console with Woodgrain Panel (w/ Bucket Seats) (69-71)
C17-19 ?

C20 Delete Console
C21 Center Seat Fold Down Arm Rest (69-71)
C22 Rear Armrest without Ash Tray, Armrest Base (Painted) (69-70)
C23 Rear Armrest with Ash Tray (69-71)
C24 - ?

C25 Center Cushion and Arm Rest Australia, Floor Termal Insulation, Left (Adjustable) Head Restraint (69)
C26 Overhead Roof Consolette with formed headlining (70-71)
C27 Alt Color Grey Seat Belts Australia
C28 Right (Adjustable) Head Restraint (69)
C29-30 ?

C31 Head Restraint Package (Left & Right) (69)
C32 Head Restraint Delete (69-71)
C33 - ?

C34 Front Seat Shield (69-71)

C35-36 ?

C37D Richard Petty Blue (Special Order Paint) (70)
C38-50 ?

C51 50/50 Split Front Bench Seat Cloth (69-71), Reclining Seats Australia
C52 50/50 Vinyl Reclining Seats Australia, Bench Seats
C53-54 ?

C55 Non-Reclining Bucket Seats Australia, Bucket Seats (69-71)
C56 Dual Reclining Bucket Seats, Bucket Seats
C57 60/40 Seats with Recliner, 3 Piece Seating with Center Arm Rest Australia
C58 50/50 Bench Seat
C59-60 ?

C61 Bucket Seat (Driver) Reclining (69-71), Passenger Seat B/S
C62 Bucket seat (Driver) 6-way Manual Adjustable Bucket Seats
C63 Reclining Vinyl Bucket Seats Australia
C64 - ?

C65 Air Foam Bench Seat Cushions (69-71)
C66 - ?

C67 Reclining Cloth and Vinyl B/S Australia
C68 Carpeted Front Floor Mats
C69 Carpeted Rear Floor Mats
C70 - ?

C71 Air Foam Seat Front and Rear
C72 - ?

C73 Fold Down Rear Seat Back (69)
C74 Shelf Panel Moulding
C75-80 ?

C81 Heavy Duty Front Seat Springs (69-71)
C82 - ?

C83 Heavy Duty Rear Seat Springs (69-71)

C84 - ?

C85 Heavy Duty Front & Rear seat springs (69-71)

C86-90 ?

C91 Heavy Duty Front floor Mats (69-71)
C92 Accessory (Rubber) Floor Mats (69-71)
C93 Carpet Set (69-71), Carpet Set Except Cargo Area Australia
C94 Floor mats - Color Keyed (69)

C95 Heavy Duty Floor Mats - Black - Front & Rear (69-71)

C96 Spare Tire Cover (Partial Trunk dress-up (69-71)
C97 Trunk Dress Up Package (69-71)

CTD (Codes continued on next tag) Denotes a second information tag is present for this car

D - Transmission & Axle Codes

D01-09 ?

D10 3 speed Column Shift Manual Australia
D11 3 speed Manual Transmission (68-71)
D12 3 speed Floor Manual Shift Australia, 3 Speed Column Shift Manual Transmission (69-70)
D13 3 speed Manual transmission floor shift (69-70), 3 Speed Column Shift w/6-Cyl. Engine (69-70)
D14 3 speed Manual Column Shift
D15 H/D 4 speed manual, 3 speed Manual Column Shift H.D. (70-71) ???

D16-19 ?
D20 4 speed manual floor shift Australia
D21 H/D 4 speed Manual Transmission with Reverse Light
D22-23 ?

D24 4 speed Manual with Overdrive
D25-29 ?

D30 Torqueflight Auto
D31 Light Duty 904 A Transmission 3 speed Automatic
D32 H/D A727, A998, Automatic Col. Shift Australia
D33 A999
D34 Torqueflight - Standard Duty
D35 A/T 265 six cylinder Police Australia
D36 A727 A engine (69-71), A727 B engine (72-)
D37 - ?

D38 A/T 245 Six cylinder Police Australia
D39-40 ?

D41 Heavy Duty Clutch - 9.50" Diamete (69-71)r
D42-48 ?

D49 Special Order Transmission (69-71)
D50 - ?

D51 B-Body 8.25" 2.76:1 Rear Axle (69-71), A&E Body 7.50" Rear Axle 2.76:1 (69-71), B&E Body 8.75" 2.76:1 Rear Axle (69-71), 2.71:1 Rear Axle (72-)
D52 A&B Body 7.25" 2.93:1 Rear Axle (69-71), B-Body 8.75" 2.94:1 Rear Axle (69-71), ((( 2.94:1 Rear Axle (69-74 ??))), 2.93:1 Rear Axle (75-)
D53 B-Body 8.25" 3.23:1 Rear Axle (69-74), A&E-Body 7.25" 3.23:1 Rear Axle (69-71), A,B&E-Body 8.75" 3.23:1 Rear Axle (69-71), 3.21:1 Axle (75-), 3.23:1 Sure Grip Rear Axle Australia
D54 - ?

D55 B-Body 8.25" 2.45:1 Rear Axle (70-71)
D56 B&E-Body 3.54:1 "Dana 60" Rear Axle (69-71), A-Body 7.25" 3.55:1 Rear Axle (69-74), B&E-Body 8.75" 3.55:1 Rear Axle (69-71)
D57 A-Body 7.25" 3.91:1 Rear Axle (69-71)
D58 9.74" 4.10:1 "Dana 60" Axle (69-71)

D59 B&E-Body 9.75" "DANA 60" 4.56:1 Rear end
D60-67 ?

D68 Standard Axle, 3.70:1 Sure Grip Rear Axle 215 engine Australia
D69 Special Order Rear Axle, 3.70:1 Rear Axle 215 engine Autralia
D70-71 ?

D72 3.23:1 Axle Ratio six cylinder except Six Pak Australia
D73 - ?

D74 3.27:1 Sure Grip H/D Six Pak Australia

D75-80 ?

D81 7.25:1 Axle Housing
D82 8.25:1 or 8.36:1 Axle Housing
D83 - ?

D84 9.75:1 Dana 60 Axle Housing
D85 9.25:1 Axle Housing
D86-90 ?

D91 Sure Grip Differential
D92-98 ?

D99 Special Order Tranmission (72)

E - Engine Codes

E01-05 ?

E06 Special Order 6 Cylinder
E07 - ?

E08 Special Order 8 Cylinder
E09-10 ?

E11 170ci 1bbl 6 cyl 115h.p. L6 (G) (69)
E12-19 ?

E20 225ci 6 cyl. export
E21 - ?

E22 198ci 1bbl 6 cyl 125h.p. L6 (G) (70-71)
E23 - ?

E24 225ci 1bbl 6 cyl 145h.p. L6 (RG) (69-71)
E25 225ci 1bbl 6 cyl HD 145h.p. L6 (RG) H.D. (69-71)
E26 225ci 2bbl 6 cyl, 215 Low Compression 6 cyl Australia
E27 - ?

E28 245ci 6 cyl Australia
E29-30 ?

E31 273ci 2bbl 8 cylinder 190h.p. V8 (LA) (69)
E32 - ?

E33 265ci 6 cyl Australia
E34-42 ?

E43 318ci 5.2 Litre EEC 8 cyl
E44 318ci 2bbl 8 cyl 230h.p. V8 (LA) (69-71)
E45 318ci 2bbl 8 cyl HP
E46-47 ?

E48 265ci Six Pak 6 cyl Australia
E49-54 ?

E55 340ci 4bbl 275h.p. V8 (LA) (69-71), 340 6bbl 290h.p. (LA) (T/A,AAR) with A53 Package (70), 360 2bbl C-Body
E56 340ci 6bbl 8 cyl
E57 360ci 2bbl 8 cyl
E58 360ci 4bbl HP Police
E59-60 ?

E61 383ci 2bbl 8 cyl 290h.p. (B) (69-70), 383ci 2bbl 8 cyl 275h.p. (B) (71)
E62 383ci 4bbl 8 cyl
E63 383ci 4bbl 8 cyl 330h.p. (B) (69-70), 383ci 4bbl 8 cyl 335h.p. (B) (R.R./Super Bee) (69-70), 400 2bbl 8 cyl
E64 400ci 4bbl 8 cyl
E65 383ci 4bbl 8 cyl 300h.p. (B) (Road Runner/Super Bee) (71)
E66-67 ?

E68 400ci 4bbl 8 cyl HP
E69-73 ?

E74 426ci 2-4bbl 8cyl. 425h.p. @5000 (Hemi) (68-69 Stage I Solid Lifter/70-71 Stage II Hydraulic Lifter)
E75-84 ?

E85 440ci 4bbl 8 cyl 375h.p. (RB) ('Cuda 440) (69)
E86 440ci ^bbl 8 cyl HP 390h.p. (Six Pack) (RB) (69), 440ci 4bbl 8 cyl HP 375h.p. (RB) (69-70), 440ci 6bbl 8 cyl HP 390h.p. (RB) (69)
E87 440ci 6bbl 8 cyl HP 390h.p. (70), 440ci 6bbl 8 cyl HP 385h.p. (71)

F - Fleet Codes

F01 Police Engine
F02-07 ?

F08 Trans Am Engine 340ci 6-bbl (T/A-AAR) (70)
F09-10 ?

F11 46 Amp Alternator (69), 50 Amp Alternator, 70 Amp Alternator (70-71)
F12 41 Amp Alternator
F13 60 Amp Alternator (69-71)
F14 - ?

F15 (65) 75 Amp Alternator (69-71)
F16 -?

F17 Radio Suppressor Package ( 100 Amp Alternator, 114 Amp Alternator) (69-71)
F18 65 Amp HD Alternator
F19-20 ?

F21 Battery Dry Charged Less Acid Export Only
F22 46 A/H Battery with Green Caps, HD Battery Export (69-71)
F23 59 A/H 375 CCA Battery with Yellow Caps (69-71)
F24 325 CCA Battery
F25 70 A/H 440 CCA Battery with Red Caps (H.D.) (69-71)

F26 80 amp Battery (H.D.) (71)
F27 500 CCA Battery, Dual Horns Police Australia
F28 500 A/H Battery
F29-32 ?

F33 LH 6" Spot Light
F34 -?

F35 RH 6" Spot Light
F36-37 ?

F38 Roof Light Reinforcement
F39-45 ?

F46 Roof Light Wiring
F47-50 ?

F51 Double Bottom Fuel Tank
F52 Manual Low Gear Lock Out Police
F53-55 ?

F56 Antifreez Export, Antifreeze 35 Degree Protection
F57 T-Bar RR Engine Mount
F58 RR C/Memeber Reinforment Welds
F59-61 ?

F62 New York Taxi Head Lining
F63-64 ?

F65 Assist Strap
F66-80 ?

F81 Deck Lid Release Knob - Remote (69-71)
F82 Power Deck Release - Electric (70-71)
F83 Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
F84-87 ?

F88 Engine Oil Cooler
F89-90 ?

F91 Vinyl Back Light
F92-94 ?

F95 Certified Speedometer
F96 Oil Pressure (Oil Temperature Gauge) (69-71)

G - Glass Codes

G01 Electric Heated Rear Window Defroster
G02-10 ?

G11 Tinted Glass All
G12 Tinted Glass Side
G13-14 ?

G15 Tited Windsheild Only
G16-17 ?

G18 Clear Windsheild Australia
G19 - ?

G20 Delete Vent Window
G21 Clear Glass with A/C All windows
G22 Clear Glass
G23 - ?

G24 Add Vent Windows
G25 Manual Vent Windows
G26 Manual Tailgate Window
G27-29 ?

G30 Delete All Mirrors
G31 Outside RH Manual Racing Mirror
G32 Outside RH Manual Racing Mirror
G33 Outside LH Remote Standard Mirror (69), Outside LH Remote Racing Mirror
G34 Outside LH Remote Racing Mirror
G35 Outside LH Remote Chrome Mirror, Delete All Mirrors (69-70)
G36 Painted Dual Racing Mirrors
G37 Chrome Dual Racing Mirrors
G38-40 ?

G41 Inside Day/Night Mirror
G42 Inside Rearview Mirror Standard
G43 - ?

G44 RH Lighted Vanity Mirror
G45 LH Lighted Vanity Mirror
G46-53 ?

G54 F-Body LH Outside Race Mirror

G55-71 ?
G72 Dual Electric Mirrors
G73 Dual Manual Mirrors
G74-75 ?

G76 F-Body Dual Remote Mirrors
G77 End Mirrors

H - Heating & Air Conditioning Codes

H01-10 ?

H11 Fr. Heater with Defroster
H12-24 ?

H25 Heater Delete
H26-30 ?

H31 Rear Window Defogger Blower Type, Heated Rear Window Australia
H32-40 ?

H41 Strato Ventilation
H42 Heater Less Upper Vent
H43-50 ?

H51 Single Air Conditioning with Heater
H52 Dual Air Conditioning
H53 Single Air-Temp AC
H54 Dual Air-Temp AC

H55 - ?
H56 Maximum Cooling Package Australia

I - Code

NOTE: A Single "I" Code Indicates Export

J - Misc. Codes

J01 Driver Education Decal

J02-05 ?

J06 Radio Wiring Conduit
J07-10 ?

J11 Glove Box Lock
J12-13 ?

J14 Delete Cigarette Lighter
J15 Cigarette Lighter
J16 - ?

J17 Radio Suppression without Radio
J18-20 ?

J21 Electric Clock
J22 Digital Clock
J23 - ?

J24 Headlight Washer (71)
J25 3 speed Wipers
J26 Rear Window Wiper and Washer
J27-28 ?

J29 Garage Door Opener
J30 - ?

J31 Dual Horns
J32 Single Horns

J33-34 ?
J35 Wheel House Liners
J36-40 ?

J41 Pedal Dress Up
J42 Delete Front License Plate Mount, Pistol Grip Transmission Shifter, Floor Pan Boom Damper.
J43 Manual Choke Australia
J44 Special Police Instrument Panel Australia
J45 Hood Pins with Lanyards
J46 Locking Gas Cap
J47-50 ?

J51 Luggage Compartment Lock
J52 Inside Hood Release
J53 - ?

J54 Sport Hood (70-71), Hood Insulation Pad
J55 Under Coating with Hood Pad
J56 Formal Rear Window with Vinyl Roof
J57-63 ?

J64 Woodgrain Instrument Panel
J65 Charger Sports Package Police Instrument Panel Australia
J66 - ?

J67 Heavy Duty Wiring Harness
J68 Rear Window Louvers
J69-77 ?

J78 Front Speaker (70-71), 240 kph Speedometer
J79-80 ?

J81 Rear Wing (70-72), US Speedometer
J82 Rear Spoiler T/A and AAR
J83 Roof Air Deflector
J84-93 ?

J94 Woodgrain Dash
J95 - ?

J96 Electronic Instrument Panel
J97 Rallye Instrument Panel

K Stripe Codes

K01-09 ?

K10 Charger Special Police Australia
K11 Victorian Police Package Australia

L - Light Codes

L01-04 ?

L05 Map and Courtesy Light
L06 Dome and Reading Light
L07 Courtest Lights below Door Panel
L08-10 ?

L11 Glove Box Light
L12-14 ?

L15 Ash Tray Light
L16 - ?

L17 Cigerette Lighter Lamp
L18-20 ?

L21 Cargo Lamp
L22-24 ?

L25 Trunk Compartment Light
L26-30 ?

L31 Hood or Fender Mounted Turn Signal Indicators
L32-33 ?

L34 Road Lamps (70-71), Halogen Headlamps
L35 Cornering Lamps
L36 Opera Lamps
L37 Concealed Headlamps, Delete Opera Lamps (75-On)
L38 - ?

L39 Bright Tail Lamp Accent
L40-41 ?

L42 Night Watch Headlamp with Time Delay
L43 - ?

L44 Illminated Entry System
L45-47 ?

L48 S/G Sent Deact Driving Lamp
L49-50 ?

L51 Right Front Door Pillar Switch
L52-54 ?

L55 Heavy Duty Stop Lamp Switch
L56 Variable Load Turn Signal Flasher
L57-60 ?

L61 Dome Lamps Switch Rear Doors
L62 AC Hi-Pressure Cut Off Switch
L63-67 ?

L68 Auto Headlamp Dimmer
L69-70 ?

L71 Door Ajar Lamp (69-70), Door Locked Lamp (71)
L72 Headlamp On Warning Signal
L73 Seat Belt Unfastner Lamp
L74 Folding Lamp with Time Delay (69), Title Switch with Time Delay (70-71)
L75 Low Fuel Lamp
L76 Heater Control Lamp (70-71), Warning Gauges
L77 Warning Signal for Washer Fluid
L78-80 ?

L81 Door Ajar Indicator Lamp

M - Molding Codes

M01 Stars Moldings
M02-04 ?

M05 Door Edge Moldings
M06 - ?

M07 B Pillar Moldings Celebrity Roof
M08 Simulated Louvers
M09-14 ?

M15 Upper Door Frame Moldings
M16-20 ?

M21 Roof Drip Rail Moldings
M22-24 ?

M25 Wide Sill Moldings
M26 Wheel Lip Moldings
M27 Delete Wheel Lip Moldings
M28 Front Bumper Periphey
M29-30 ?

M31 Belt Moldings (69-70), Belt and Hood Moldings
M32 - ?

M33 Door and Body Side Moldings
M34-35 ?

M36 Deck Lid Finish Panel (72), Rear Bumper Periphery
M37 - ?

M38 Deck Lid Finish Panel
M39-40 ?

M41 License Plate Frame
M42 Front End Moldings
M43 Grille Surround Moldings
M44 Hood and Fender Moldings
M45 - ?

M46 Simulated Quarter Panel Scoops
M47 Barracuda Ornement Options
M48-50 ?

M51 Power Sun Roof with Vinyl Roof
M52 Manual Sun Roof with Vinyl Roof
M53 Vinyl Manual Sun Roof A Body
M54 - ?

M55 T-Bar Roof
M56-70 ?

M71 Front Color Keyed Bumper
M72 Rear Color Keyed Bumper
M73 Coler Keyed Elastomeric Bump Package, Painted Bumpers B Body
M74 - ?

M75 Rear Bumper Tape Treatment
M76-80 ?

M81 Front Bumper Guard Package

M82 - ?
M83 Rear Bumper Guards
M84 Tailgate Scuff Step Plate
M85 Bumper Guard Package
M86 Station Wagon Ornament Package
M87 - ?

M88 Lower Deck Lid Moldings, Quarter Panel Tape Treatment
M89-90 ?

M91 Roof or Rear Deck Lid Luggage Rack
M92 - ?

M93 Delete Body Side Moldings
M94 - ?

M95 Assist Handles

N - Engine Accessory Codes

N01-10 ?

N11 Oil Bath Air Cleaner
N12-14 ?

N15 Oil Filter Replacement Unit
N16-20 ?

N21 Air Pump
N22 - ?

N23 Electronic Ignition
N24 - ?

N25 Engine Block Heater
N26-30 ?

N31 Optional Engine Compression Ratio
N32-40 ?

N41 Dual Exhaust without Tips
N42 Chrome Exhaust Tips
N43 - ?

N44 Side Exhaust Exhaust AAR and T/A
N45 High Capacity Fan
N46-50 ?

N51 Maxiumum Engine Cooling
N52-64 ?

N65 7 Blade Clutch Fan
N66-74 ?

N75 Aux. Transmission Cooler
N76 Coolant Recovery System
N77 Aux. Vaccuum Reservoir
N78-80 ?

N81 Fast Idle Throttle
N82-84 ?

N85 Tachometer
N86 Electronic Ignition Australia
N87 - ?

N88 Automatic Speed Control
N89-93 ?

N94 Fiberglass Fresh Air Hood, E.S.A. with Catalytic Converter (75-On)
N95 NOx Exhaust Emission Control, Calf. Emission Control PAckage
N96 Shaker Hood, High Altitude Emissions (73-On)
N97 Noise Reduction Package

O - Codes

A Single "O" denotes Canada

P Power Accessory Codes

P01-20 ?

P21 Power Bench Seat
P22-24 ?

P25 Power Left Seat Bucket or 50/50, Power Driver's Seat
P26-27 ?

P28 Power Seats Left and Right
P29-30 ?

P31 Power Windows
P32 - ?

P33 Power Vent Windows
P34 - ?

P35 Power Tailgate Windows
P36 - ?

P37 Power Convertable Top
P38-40 ?

P41 Power Door Locks
P42-43 ?

P44 Auto Lock Tailgate
P45 Power Deck Lid Release

R Radio Codes

R01 Total Radios (80-On)
R02-07 ?

R08 Radio Delete
R09-10 ?

R11 Music Master Am Radio
R12 - ?

R13 Astrophonic Am Radio
R14-20 ?

R21 Solid State Am/FM Radio
R22 AM Radio with 8-Track
R23 - ?

R24 Search Tune Radio and Tape Player with PA
R25 - ?

R26 Am Radio with Stereo Cassette
R27-30 ?

R31 Front Single Speaker with R11 Radio, Single Rear Speaker, Dual Rear Speakers with R35 - ?
R32 Dual Rear Speakers
R33 Microphone
R34 Premium Speaker Package
R35 AM/FM Multiplex Stereo Radio
R36 AM/FM Stereo with Stereo Cassette, AM/FM Stereo and CB
R37 AM/FM Stereo with 8-Track
R38 AM/FM Stereo with Search
R39 AM/FM MX Cassette
R40-41 ?

R42 AM/FM ETR Cassette
R43 - ?

R44 Premium Speaker Electronic
R45 Oversize Manual Antenna
R46-47 ?

R48 Power Antenna

R73 Radio 11 Transistor Push Button Australia
R74 Radio 13 Transistor P/B Australia

S - Suspension & Steering Codes

S01 Standard 1" shocks
S02 Heavy Duty 1" front shocks

S03-10 ?

S11 HD Suspension with Front Sway Bar
S12 - ?

S13 Rallye Suspension with Sway Bar
S14 Heavy Duty Suspension Australia
S15 Hemi Xtra Heavy Duty Suspension with Front Sway Bar
S16 Xtra Heavy Duty Suspension with Front Sway Bar
S17 Reduced Rate Suspension
S18-22 ?

S23 Monroe Shocks - 1 3/16" and 1 3/8"
S24 Monroe Shocks
S25 Heavy Duty Firm Ride Shocks
S26 Heavy Duty Shocks
S27-30 ?

S31 Front Sway Bar (70-71), Rear Shock Absorbers
S32 Heavy Duty 1 inch Rear Shocks
S33 - ?

S34 Rear Air Shocks Australia
S35 Heavy Duty Police Suspension Australia
S36 - ?

S37 Rear Sway Bar Australia
S38-40 ?

S41 Rear Sway Bar
S42-43 ?

S44 Tilt Steering
S45-60 ?

S61 Tilt and Telescoping Steering
S62 Tilt Steering
S63-73 ?

S74 Fast Ratio Power Steering
S75 Fast Ratio Manual Steering
S76 Luxury Steering Wheel
S77 Power Steering
S78 Full Horn Ring
S79 Lower Half Horn Ring, 3 Spoke with Styled Padded Hub
S80 - ?

S81 Simulated Woodgrain Steering Wheel
S82 - ?

S83 2 Spoke Rim Blow (70 A, B, and C Body), 3 Spoke Rim Blow
S84 Tuff Steering Wheel
S85-90 ?

S91 Manual Steering

T - 13" and 14" Tire Codes

T01 - ?

T02 6.45x14 Polyester
T03-10 ?

T11 6.95x14 BSW
T12 6.95x14 WSW
T13 - ?

T14 C78x14 BSW Fiberglass, 185SR BSW Australia
T15 C78x14 WSW Fiberglass, E70HR BSW Australia
T16 - ?

T17 6.95x14x4 WSW Australia
T18 7.35x14x4 WSW Australia
T19-21 ?

T22 7.35x14 BSW
T23 - ?

T24 7.35x14x4 BSW Australia
T25 E78x14 BSW
T26 E78x14 WSW, F78x14x4 WSW Australia
T27 F78x14x4 BSW Australia
T28 F78x14x6 BSW Australia
T29 Uniroyal 185SR14ML Australia
T30 Uniroyal 6 Ply Tires with Tubes Australia
T31 7.75x14 BSW
T32 7.75x14 WSW, Uniroyal 8 Ply 185SR185HL Australia
T33 - ?

T34 F78x14 WSW Fiberglass
T35 F78x14 WSW
T36-40 ?

T41 8,25x14 BSW
T42 8.25x14 WSW
T43-44 ?

T45 G78x14 BSW
T46 G78x14 WSW
T47-50 ?

T51 8.25x14 BSW
T52 8.25x14 WSW
T53-54 ?

T55 H78x14 BSW
T56 H78x14 WSW
T57-60 ?

T61 D70x14 BSW
T62 D70x14 WSW
T63 D70x14 BSW Fiberglass
T64 D70x14 WSW Fiberglass
T65-71 ?

T72 E70x14 WSW
T73 E70x14 Red Streak
T74 E70x14 WSW Fiberglass
T75 E70x14 R-S-W Fiberglass
T76 E70x14 R-W-L Firberglass
T77 E70x14 BSW Bias
T78 - ?

T79 FR70x14 OWL Aramid
T80-81 ?

T82 F70x14 White
T83 F70x14 Red
T84 - ?

T85 F70x14 Red Fiberglass
T86 F70x14 White
T87 F70x14 RWL
T88-92 ?

T93 G70x14 RWL
T94-98 ?

T99 Special Order 14 Tires

U - 15" Tire Codes

A Single "U" denotes USA
U01 E60x15 RWL Front and G60x15 RWL Rear
U02 8.25x15 RWL

U03-11 - ?
U12 7.75x15 BSW
U13-17 ?

U18 F78x15 WSW
U19-20 ?

U21 8.25x15 BSW
U22 8.25x15 WSW
U23 - ?

U24 G78x15 WSW Fiberglass
U25-27 ?

U28 G78x15 BSW
U29-30 ?

U31 8.55x15 BSW
U32 8.55x15 BSW
U33-34 ?

U35 H78x15 BSW
U36 H78x15 WSW Fiberglass
U37-40 ?

U41 8.85x15 BSW
U42 8.85x15 WSW
U43 - ?

U44 J78x15 WSW Fiberglass
U45 GR60x15 OWL Aramid
U46 205/75R SBR White
U47 - ?

U48 205/75R SBR WSW
U49-50 ?

U51 9.15x15 BSW
U52 9.15x15 WSW
U53-56 ?

U57 L78x15 WSW
U58 GR70x15 WSW
U59 GR70x15 BSW Rayon Belted
U60-63 ?

U64 F70x15 White Fiberglass
U65 F70x15 Red Fiberglass
U66-72 ?

U73 F70x15 Special Order
U74 G70x15 WSW Fiberglass
U75 H70x15 RWL
U76-78 ?

U79 HR70x15 BSW Fabric Belted
U80-81 ?

U82 E60x15 RWL Polyglass
U83 - ?

U84 F60x15 RWL Polyglass
U85 - ?

U86 G60x15 RWL Polyglass
U99 Special Order Tires

V - Vinyl & Paint Codes

V01 Mono Tone Paint
V02 Two Tone Paint
V03-04 ?

V05 Buffed Paint
V06 Delete Stripe or Paint
V07 - ?

V08 Delete Vinyl Roof
V09 Special Order Paint

V1# Full Vinyl Roof (# denotes color)

V10 Full Vinyl Roof
V11-18 ?

V19 Special Order Vinyl Roof
V20 Halo Partial Vinyl Roof
V21 Performance Hood Treatment
V22 Delete Sport Hood Treatment
V23 - ?

V24 Performance Hood Treatment with CID Callout
V3# Covertable Top (# Denotes Color)
V3W White Converable Top
V3X Black Covertable Top
V4# Canopy Vinyl Roof (# Denotes Color), Body Side Stripes (# denotes color)
V4B Black Canopy Vinyl Roof
V4W White Canopy Vinyl Roof
V4X Black Canopy Vinyl Roof
V5# Body Side Molding (# Denotes Color)
V6# Longitudinal Stripe (# Denotes Color)
V60 Full Length Side Stripe
V68 Delete Stripes
V7# Accent Stripes (# Denotes Color)
V78 Delete Paint Stripes
V8# Transverse Stripes (# Denotes Color)
V80 Bumble Bee Stripe
V88 Delete Transverse R/T Stripe
V9# Rear Deck Lid Panel Strip (# Denotes Color 71), Longitudinal Stripes (# Denotes Color 71)
V99 Tonneau Cover Australia

W - Wheels & Wheel Cover Codes

W01 Hub Caps, Body Color Wheels Australia
W02 Wheel Trim Rings
W03 - ?

W04 Hub Caps with Trim Rings
W05 - ?

W06 Collapsible Spare Tire
W07 Delete Spare Tire
W08 Regular Spare Tire Covertable Only
W09 Compact Spare Tire
W10 - ?

W11 13 or 14 inch Deluxe Wheel Covers (69-71), 15 Wheels with 426 Hemi (69)
W12 14 or 15 inch Wheel Covers with Trim Rings
W13 Class II Wheel Covers (69), Deep Dish Wheel Covers (70)
W14 - ?

W15 14 inch Wire Wheel Covers (70-71), Deep Dish Wheel Covers (69)
W16 - ?

W17 14 inch Colored Steel Wheel
W18 14 inch Simulared Mag Wheel Covers
W19 - ?

W21 14 inch Chrome Styled Road Wheels (69), Rallye Wheels
W22 Rallye Wheels with Trim Rings
W23 Road Wheels Class III (70-71), Styled Wheels Australia
W24 Styled Road Wheels Class III
W25 HD Stamped Wheels
W26 - ?

W27 Cast Aluminum Wheels
W28 Aluminum Applique Styled Wheels
W29-33 ?

W34 Space Saver Spare (71-79), Michelin Tires Australia
W35 Alloy Wheels Australia
W36 - ?

W52 6.50x13 WSW
W55 Body Color Road Wheels

W61 7.00x13 BSW
W62 7.00x13 WSW

W96 15x7 Xtra Heavy Duty Wheels
W97 15x7 Wheels

X - Export Codes

X12 Heater Delete Australia
X13-14 ?

X15 Right Hand Drive
X16 - ?

X17 Australia Built-up Export Hand Bl & Compl.
X18-20 ?

X21 Kilometer Speedometer
X22 Imperial Speedometer Australia
X23-24 ?

X25 Light Beam Shift
X26-32 ?

X33 Japan Built-up Export
X34 New Caledonia Built-up export
X35 U.K. Built-up export
X36-40 ?

X41 Delete Disc Brakes for Fiji Only
X42-50 ?

X51 Dual Zipper Headliner
X52 Cooling Package, Relocate Dome Light (70-71)
X53 Sealed Speedometer
X54 Radiator Splash Sheild
X55 Radiator Air Sheild
X56-61 ?

X62 Rubber Steering Column in Coupe (70-71)
X63-65 ?

X66 Manufacturer Export Label

X86 Tinted Windsheild
X87 Prismatic Mirror
X88 Trunk Lamp
X89 Remote Control Mirror
X90 - ?

X91 Delete Front Seat Belt
X92 Delete Rear Seat Belt
X93-94 ?

X95 Wheel Trim Rings

Y - Exterior Dressup Codes

Y01 Front Licnese Plate
Y02 Driver Ed Decal
Y03-04 ?

Y05 Built to US Specs Australia
Y06 - ?

Y07 Built to Canada Specs Australia
Y08 Special Scheduling Condition
Y09 Built to Export Specs
Y10 - ?

Y11 Domestic Publications
Y12 - ?

Y13 Dealer Demo Car
Y14 Sold Car
Y15 - ?

Y16 Sales Bank Car
Y17 Excutive Chrysler Lease Car
Y18 Driving Lamps
Y19 Painted Blade Sunvisor Australia
Y20-21 ?

Y22 Excutive Chrysler Lease Car
Y23-25 ?

Y26 Mesh Sunvisor Australia
Y27 Door Weather Sheild
Y28 Public Relations
Y29 Insect Screen
Y30 Tow Bar and Trailer Wiring
Y31 Fire Extingguisher
Y32 Front Mud Flaps
Y33 Fleet Sales
Y34 Rear Mud Flaps
Y35 - ?

Y36 Windsheild Protector
Y37 Convertion Center, Add Extra Spare Wheel Tire and Tube Australia
Y38 Winter Tread Tires rear Only
Y39 Special Order
Y40 Fuel Tank Protector
Y41-42 ?

Y43 Tubes in all Tires
Y44 - ?

Y45 Fog Lamps
Y46 - ?

Y47 Oil Pan Guard

Y83 New Car Service
Y84-90 ?

Y91 Show Car Finish A
Y92 Show Car Finish B
Y93 - ?

Y94 Special Exhibit Unit
Y95 5 gallons of Gasoline
Y96 10 gallons of Gasoline
Y97 3 gallons of Gasoline

Z - Weight Codes

Z12 Delete Radio for New Zealand

Z23 - Z99 Special Equipment Weight

Good luck on your project.
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I think most know what they bought, but how many read the door tag, and how many


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Interior: White Face Guages - Hard Wired Radar Detector - Pioneer Head Unit - Front 6x9 4 Ways Rear 6.5 4 Ways - Bazooka Tube Sub Woofer - Center Console Coin Holder

Performance: TPS Modification - ACcel 8.8mm 300+ Plug Wires - NAPA Brass Contact Distributor Cap and Rotar - K&N cold air intake- Magnaflow High Flow CAT - Magnaflow Stainless Steel Muffler - Traction Bars

Planned Additions: Cam -1.6 Roller Rockers- Fastman Throttle Body 52mm - 410 gears and Posi

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Holy Frijoles!

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it is for 69-82 yr models and I am sure that some of the ppl that have bought classic mopars are not sure what it was supposed to have on it from the factory.. at least with this you can look at the fender tag and see what options are supposed to be on it..
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