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  Unhappy Truck won't start - HELP! - Posted: 02-02-2009, 08:30 AM
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I will try to describe everything that I know, and see if any of you have any advice.

I recently got back from a 600 mile trip to Illinois and back to Ohio. When I got back into Toledo, I had to make a couple of stops. While idling in the parking lot waiting for the GF to come back to the truck, the truck died on my twice. It didn’t want to start right away, but if I waited a minute, it re-started fine and I made it home. The next morning, it would crank, but didn’t want to fire. A quick shot of starting fluid through the airbox and it fired up. I know that starting fluid is not a good thing to use, but figured a quick shot would not permanently hurt anything. It ran fine for a quick errand I had to run, and then I parked it when I got home. Over the course of the last week, I have been unable to get it started no matter what I have done. I thought I got some bad fuel, so I changed the fuel filter. It will crank (seemingly a little slower than usual), but it won’t fire. If I try a shot of WD-40… nothing. If I try a shot of starting fluid, the cranking will actually sort of seize up, and sneeze back through the intake almost like a backfire. Even if it is not getting fuel, shouldn’t it fire and run a little rough just on starting fluid or WD-40? I noticed in the last week or so that it has a very small fuel leak somewhere near the injection pump, although I can’t tell where. (It leaves a puddle about the size of a quarter). Turning the key 3 times gives me a P1693 code on the dash, which I know is just a companion code. The truck is in my garage, and I haven’t had it towed anywhere to get the code pulled from the OBD II port. When I changed the filter, I tried to see if the lift pump was working. With the filter out, I turned the key to on. The lift pump buzzes like it always has, but the reservoir for the filter did not fill up. Should it? The truck went through 3 lift pumps before this one was installed at 100k. It has been on ever since. The injection pump is the original. I have a JVD Torque Enhancer Fueling box installed, but it hasn’t seem to work for the last 60k miles or so. It runs like it is on stock power.

If I need to get it towed in somewhere, I will. But before I just started throwing money at it, I was wondering what your thoughts were. I know that mechanics will change parts thinking that they know what the problem is, and if it doesn’t fix the problem, they don’t take that part back off and give you credit. You just buy a new part that you may not have needed. If I have a better idea of what might be wrong, then I can evaluate better what a mechanic diagnoses. If it is something that I can fix myself… even better.

The fact that it won’t even fire with WD-40 or starting fluid confuses me. Did the injection pump finally die? Is the injection pump timing off? Could the truck have jumped time somehow? Is the lift pump bad? Crank position or Cam Position Sensor bad? Bad PCM or ECU? I checked the fuses under the hood and on the side of the dash and they seem fine.

Thanks for any and all thoughts.
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 Posted: 02-02-2009, 07:31 PM
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Sounds like it's not getting fuel, what's your lift pump fuel pressure?
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 Posted: 02-07-2009, 04:42 PM
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if there's no fuel I doubt that a shot of starting fluid or wd-40 will have enough kick to turn the engine over. I'd check for fuel pressure at the injection pump. Loosen the flare nut on one of the injector lines and crank the engine over, there should be fuel coming out of the injector line. Alternatively, remove the fuel inlet line to the injector pump and turn the key on, see if the lift pump is getting fuel to the injector pump.
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 Posted: 02-11-2009, 12:06 PM
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if you have checked and ruled out ,lift pump,pressures,,and have no code's that will cause a no start problem, plus crank speed ,,heaters ,,,,filters,,air and fuel
I had the same problem with my truck .had to sniff it with either..
and in the summer i had to do the same ..not as often..plugging it in ,,it would start every time,the problem was with the ,,,,pressure limiting valve;; part 5093113aa'',,,,haven't had a problem since
I have read the ,,cascade,, valve on the pump is also a problem with a hard ,to a no start

hope this will help
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